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Volvo to release Autonomous Cars in 2017

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cjvfr, Feb 24, 2015.

  1. Ride like the Wind to get away from it

  2. Trust the technoclogy would see and react to you better than a human driver

  3. Use it as a traffic shield on the assumption its movements would be predictable

  4. Go in oto old fogey mode, Dam'mn flinking auto gubboms mobile, In my day ...

  1. Test scheduled for 2017.

    Car giant Volvo will take its autonomous cars out onto public roads with real drivers in 2017 after creating a "production-viable" vehicle boasting a complex network of sensors, lasers and cameras alongside a cloud-based positioning system.

    Volvo's Drive Me project aims to put autonomous cars on streets around its hometown of Gothenburg in Sweden. The scheme is now in its second year, and the company late last unveiled the technology it has developed so far to integrate the self-driving vehicles into real traffic on public roads.

    Volvo claims it has designed a production-viable autonomous driving system after undertaking extensive analysis of potential faults. The Autopilot system allows cars to navigate entirely unassisted, using a combination of cameras, sensors, GPS and radar to track its surroundings.

    Read more: http://www.itnews.com.au/News/40085...mous-cars-for-public-roads.aspx#ixzz3ScjAXDbG
  2. Cars that automatically drive like crap without the need for an oblivious human? What can go wrong?
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  3. Having just this week watched a bike go down because it's electronically controlled, servo-assisted braking system fritzed out mid-corner, I'm filled with confidence and security.
  4. So the wonderful technology CAN fail. Who knew.
    (not a shot at you, Titus)
  5. I was thinking about this the other day; I have intuition it doesn't, does that make it dangerously unpredictable? How will a driverless car manage speed and acceleration, will it align itself with physical realities or passenger 'comfort'? Will it politely get out of my way when safe on twisty roads as many drivers do or will it belligerently obstruct me? People will sometimes respond to hooting and gesticulating, what will it do? I'm filled with fear and hate and have many unkind things to say.
  6. Welcome to the Internet. You should fit right in. ;)
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  7. Why is this news. I see plenty of cars these days driving themselves somehow (surely they're not being controlled by that person inside wholly engaged in texting their mate/doing their hair/shaving/eating/on the phone/combination of all of the previous!) ....:eek:
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  8. Chillibutton hit on the head


    Oh sorry the auto one may actually pay some attention
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  9. Bloody Volvo drivers. Even Volvo wants to get rid of them.
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  10. My real fear with this is they will be really safe and good drivers. Give it 10 years and they'll be mandatory. Where's the fun in that?
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  11. I've been searching for that old Red Faces sketch with the crash test dummies. Though it would fit. Can't seem to find it. Anyone else got a lead?
  12. you can see it on Quickflix - but you have to subscribe - can't find it as a freebie
  13. It used to be on Youtube, but I've discovered NineMSN claimed copyright on it and had it taken down.
  14. someone always wants to spoil our fun!!!
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    I dunno - silver linings and all that......

    You could go out for a meal - drink too much wine then tell the car "Home, James....."

    Let's wait for the Taxi directorate to pronounce Volvo is attempting to gouge their industry....
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  16. Apart from the word Volvo, the words "cloud-based positioning system" stood out for me. What, GPS not good enough anymore? What happens when my cap runs out? No signal, no problem, see that tree there?
  17. I'm predicting self driving cars will be a complete failure because they'll neve get through the transition period. Think about it, these thing brake every time another vehicle gets too close. That means whenever someone pushes in in front, the brakes come on. It also means, the automated vehicle itself would never push in. I just can't see people sitting around in a vehicle that is constantly being baulked and stuck in traffic.

    If everyone went to self-drivers tomorrow, it might work, but otherwise I cant see people putting up with it.

    It should be great for riders however, just make a move and the space will create itself.
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  18. I expect they will be networked to other nearby self-drive cars so you'd see a lot of VERY close driving amongst them, which would be disconcerting at best and freaking annoying for bikes and manual drive cars as there'd be no way to get between them without taking some big risks and hoping the systems let you (AND react fast enough). On the plus side, if you could ... intercept the networking between vehicles you could slot into and through traffic at will while using an appropriately configured device and be reasonably sure every auto-drive car would simply get out of your way. There are possibilities here for the intrepid hacker, big possibilities.
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  19. Yes that phrase stood out for me too, apart from the fact that "Cloud" is a fashionable IT buzz word I suspect what the mean is what Dark AngelDark Angel said. Each vehicle would grab its GPS position and upload that to a cloud server. The cloud server would then decide how to assemble multiple vehicles in formation. Tight fast formation driving saves fuel overall but humans apart from very good drivers are not capable of it. The cloud servers would look ahead on your route to traffic light timing s and tailor your speed to always get a green light.

    I am interested by the technology but as others have said fearful that the "Vision Zero" quest for no road deaths will see motorbikes legislated off certain roads.
  20. Yeah that was my thinking as well. At first I thought, "Great! We can filter past ranks of cars that behave and respond in a perfectly predictable manner", but what if that predictable response was for each car to crap itself every time a bike scooted past.