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Volvo - epic fail

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Takamii, May 12, 2010.

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  2. Soo... they'd have driven the car then. :?
  3. funniest thing i have read in a while.......though it's a brave call to say the general driving public has more awareness of their surrounds then the dummy
  4. It’s interesting that Volvo had this happen. Mercedes also has automatic collision avoidance… And there’s failed at its first public showing, there claim was someone forgot to turn it on.
    It’s interesting how they take more and more control out of the drivers hands and put them in the control of a machine. Like that runaway softroader down Eastlink, you couldn’t turn off the engine, it was stuck in gear with the throttle stuck and you couldn’t push it into neutral… I mean how many f#$king fails safes are there in a normal car that they had put a machine in control of to cause this F@#kup.
  5. (The company later issued a statement claiming that if a human were behind the wheel, they would have noticed the collision-avoidance system wasn't working and taken the appropriate action.

    And to be fair to Volvo, given that 50km/h is somewhere near the top end of a Volvo drivers' thrill-seeking threshold, that's probably a fair call.)

  6. Thankfully, the rise of our robotic overlords has been delayed by a few years.
  7. Bnllshit. They would have been thinking "WTF is going on?"*crunch* given the split second they would have had to react to the machines fnckup... and if that's if they were even paying attention.
  8. Hahahaha more useless expensive gimmicky bullship put into cars and it doesnt even work.
  9. It's the laziness that it breads which worries me.
  10. So a dummy drives his car into the back of a truck...
    Not the first time I'm afraid.....

  11. I agree.
    Here is an easy way to avoid a collision…
    Pay F#$king attention
  12. If only car companies could make a buck from selling attention.
  13. A number of European vehicles have failed the famous "elk" or "moose" test, the most famous of these being the Mecedes Benz A Class, back in 1997. Funnily enough, a Trabant, a much-maligned two stroke vehicle from East Germany passed the same test on the same day as the Merc failed it. It led to a total redesign of the A Class's suspension and a long delay in its release to the market.

    The test is still used and cars still fail it, as witnessed below..


    Maybe not so surprisingly, the 2007 Toyota Hilux also failed it.