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Voluntary $80:00 charge?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Dr Who, Jul 27, 2010.

  1. G'day everyone,...

    Yesterday as I was about to run out the door on my way to work just before I switched off the radio,...

    I hear on the news broadcast that there might be a Voluntary $80:00 Enviromental charge ontop of you Rego,.. I understand its somthing being proposed?

    Anybody else hear about this because I sure as hell will not be paying $80:00 extra ontop of my rego for some PC nonsence!

    It seems anyone can up and increase the $$'s and hide behind some Enviromental-greenie BS.

    Did anyone else hear this on any news services in the last few days,..?

    Dr Who?
  2. Re: Volintary $80:00 charge?

    It's voluntary.
  3. Re: Volintary $80:00 charge?

    It starts as voluntary

    then they say because so many people participated voluntarily and are willing to pay that it will become compulsory.
  4. Re: Volintary $80:00 charge?

    I'm curious as to how many people believe in this shit when it comes to pulling out the chequebook.
  5. Re: Volintary $80:00 charge?

    one born every second
  6. Re: Volintary $80:00 charge?

    Another money grab ... they pump us enough as it is with rego, like I'd give them another $80. It will however eventually become part of rego, I can see it now "Environmental Levy".

    I hope nobody on this forum supports this, as the more support they get the more chance it will become compulsory
  7. Re: Volintary $80:00 charge?

    I like the planet, but not that much.
  8. Re: Volintary $80:00 charge?

    or an extra $80 I want the right to upholster my seat in baby seal fur and whaleskin
  9. Re: Volintary $80:00 charge?

    what a crock..we as riders should be getting 80 bucks (at least) off our rego costs, we use less fuel,do less damage to road surfaces and by choice of two wheels, we reduce traffic congestion. So by virtue of being a rider you are helping the environment..we are all tree huggers now :)
  10. Re: Volintary $80:00 charge?

    if you think about it logically.

    The money you already pay for rego etc should be used in an environmentally, socially, economically sustainable way anyway.

    So why pay extra? Just keep demanding that what we already pay is used appropriately.

    Plus if all was sensible in the world bikes would pay much less rego anyways

  11. Re: Volintary $80:00 charge?

    lets all get together to protest by singing kumbaiyah
  12. Re: Volintary $80:00 charge?

    rule 1. Don't believe anything any candidate tells you before Aug 21.

    rule 2. Dont believe anything any elected representative tells you after Aug 21
  13. Re: Volintary $80:00 charge?

    I hate the two party system... noone has to perform hence why our politicians suck, they dont have to do anything, just appeal to the stupid people which there is too many of in australia. People forget they are voting not for the leader of a party but their local representative of the party... who then gets quashed and silenced by the leader.

    That said though, rego is a state issue :p.
  14. Re: Volintary $80:00 charge?

    Well said Mr Messy.

    This is bs anyway, even if they released a report every quarter accounting for every cent I would still be wary due the amount of fudging that I'm sure goes on with stuff like this.

    I'll turn off lights and recycle and all the other stuff that apparently helps but they can get stuffed if they want my 80 dollars.
  15. Re: Volintary $80:00 charge?

    sorry, is this VIC?
  16. Re: Volintary $80:00 charge?

    I bet even though it's voluntary it will be automatically included and you have to make a point of asking for it to be removed.

    Or they could just follow NSW trail and put it up without bothering with an excuse.
  17. Re: Volintary $80:00 charge?

    Not a chance we pay enough already!!!!
  18. Re: Volintary $80:00 charge?

    G'day everyone,...

    Yeah I thought that as well,...
    It would just be inserted into the total amount hopeing most would'nt look at the breakdown of the costs etc,...

    And just pay the finnal amount.

    I will be looking for it next year when the rego comes around,...
    It seems everyone is putting an enviromental charge on everything,...
    Anyone else notice the water rates now comes with an anual enviromental charge?
    Thats a seperate bill ontop of the water rates!

    Dr Who?
  19. Re: Volintary $80:00 charge?

    Seriously..WTF is with that?..is this to cover erosion caused by the movement of water over our landscape? Or is it for some new method of making water?...Oh I know, the falling rain is bruising the air we breathe and impacting on our fragile soils...yeah that would be it.
    I mean we are drinking the same water that has been around for billions of years..it came with the planet!
    FFS ! Just another tax for the sake of of it.
  20. Re: Volintary $80:00 charge?

    The sky is falling the sky is falling Save me AL Gore -- I will pay 98% of my earnings from my labours in taxes just so you make sure the sky doesn't fall on me