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Volume of the avg oil cooler?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by paul_b, Oct 5, 2008.

  1. What is the average volume of an oil cooler on a bike?
    The reason I ask is that I drain the oil and replace the filter on the Tuono. The handbook say quite clearly that it requires 3.7lt for an oil change and 3.9lt when you do the oil and filter. I drained just under 3lt out and was careful not to over fill it. It took only 2.8lt :?

    I'm wondering if the rest is in the oil cooler and the scavenge pump return line (dry sump)? If that is the case, should I really have got an airline and tried to blow the rest thru the cooler? I only have 3/4 new oil; what a waste :mad: And then if you remove any hoses they have those lovely one use click clamp things. Stupid fancy italian contraptions
  2. What does the handbook say about the oil change procedure? If you followed that what are you worried about?
  3. I did follow the procedure, except i am a litre shy of how much oil they say should go in. The oil cooler is the only other place I can think it would be. And the fact that the oil doesn't look nice and clean still, and I've only done 200km.

    There is another screen filter in the return line but that is not supposed to be done for another 6000km yet.
  4. Depends. Metric or Fareheit?

    Sounds like you didn't get all the oil out.
  5. Thats my problem..... how do you get all the oil out and where is it hiding.
    What are you refering to when you say metric or farenheit?
  6. Metric or farenheit was sort of in the nature of a jocular response.

    My cooler drains via gravity. But the hoses are small and i guess I could conceive of them not draining very fast if the size of a hose stopped the air getting up past the oil, causing an air lock. I can't imagine it doing more than slowing down the rate at which it emptied though if your cooler is above your drain point.

    Sorry I don't know the bike so can't really tell you anything. Tried google?