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Volkswagen: its first motorbike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Farab, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. I think its already been done

  2. What a shit photoshop

  3. ^Yep. All I can find on the web is that they want to/are building a bike, with KTM's help. The pic is a rendered version of what I guess they are aiming at??
  4. Seems more likely they'd just buy someone like KTM and keep trading under that name. Don't forget their recent 3-wheeler concept was scrapped due to concerns it would have a high accident rate and therefore tarnish the "safe" image of the Volkswagon brand.
    Some involvement with motorcycle manufacture could be good though - especially given their expertise with building very small diesel engines....
  5. If search the web, it seems they may revive that 3 wheeler as well. I would think whatever they come up with (2 wheels) should be good, as most german products.
  6. Interesting stuff.

    From what I understand, Subaru have also been dabbling with a V-Twin.
  7. I thought it was Piech on his own that wanted to get into bikes himself, not VW.
  8. Too bad they couldn't buy Sachs instead of letting it fall into Chinese hands. Oh well, that ship has sailed and I don't know if KTM is for sale. But it seems MV Augusta is in deep s***t financially and VW already own Lamborghini, why not buy an iconic Italian bike firm as well?

    I wouldn't mind too much, just as long as it's not the Chinese...
  9. Given how much money the VW group has I doubt they'd need to wait for any motorcycle manufacturer to actually be for sale if they really wanted it.

    I could see ownership of KTM possibly working quite well though if they took the gamble of producing diesel off-road/dual-sport motorcycles - with the obvious benefits of shiteloads of torque and exceptionally good fuel economy/range. It's certainly a market they'd have all to themselves at least.
  10. The long stroke of diesel engines has been the killer of them on bikes so far.

    I feel sorry for the moto morini corsaro avio. The Aprilia Shiver headlight really doesnt suit it :p
  11. Any company with both a very distinct advantage here and very good timing (somewhere in the next few years) might make an unutterable amount of money. I'd love to see more diesel engines available, especially if there's a palatable, renewable source of it around the corner.

    Also, companies like VW / Subaru / etc building bikes is nice because it's likely to make more drivers think of owning a bike as something a little more valid / plausible - something they might themselves do one day. That sounds like a positive thing to me.