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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Filter, Dec 13, 2008.

  1. Hey all,

    Just wondering if NR or some members use VOIP for general bike chat, off topic stuff or organising rides?

    e.g. Skype, Ventrilo etc?

  2. You can add as many or as few ways to get hold of you in your profile, you know, but I don't think VOIP is one of the choices.

    However, if you search for SKYPE in search, you may find things to your advantage :wink:.
  3. I was thinking as more of a site-specific way being able to organise the various groups and activities e.g. as a moderator in a club a while back I found being able to talk with other mods and admins all in the same "room" invaluable. These "rooms" were intergrated into the website itself, so anyone can click and join (depending on permissions).

    Is there anything similar to that here? Or very ad-hoc?

  4. :?: :?: talking about integrating voice into the website is off topic??
  5. chat rooms with actual audio chat????

    Farrrrrk!!! people can't even contain themselves through a keyboard on this forum let alone all be patient and silent while waiting to talk to each other... good luck!!!
  6. You'd be suprised! It can be very, very helpful

    Oh, and not just 1 channel... I'd sugest about 25 :)