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Voices in my head - when riding

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by East Coast Cruiser, Mar 29, 2015.

  1. You are riding along and the road is good. Your speed just gets higher and your grin widens as the adrenalin starts to flow. This is so good ! the scenery starts to blurr and the engine is getting louder but sounds so sweet. Then at the 160 kph mark that little voice of reason starts nagging in your head but the other voice is saying f@#k off do-gooder this is Fun with a capital F.
    Yesterday the voice of reason finally won . I had done warp factor 1 - 2 - and 3 . Seeing what the top speed was in those gears. An idiot in an old diesel ute came out of a side road and made me follow in his oily fumes till the road straightened up. Pulled out, hit the rocket launcher and left him in the distance. Still in 4th doing 160 kph when the voices started - hmmm perfect road, no wind lets try warp 4. Hit 205 kph and the rev limiter still hadn't cut in. Guide posts looked like a white picket fence. Couldn't see the scenery just focusing on keeping it all together and waiting for the limiter as per the bad idea voice. Then finally the voice of reason won - what if the rev limiter isn't working you d#$ckhead, what if you hit a pot hole or a parrot, if you come off you are going to be smeared over a big distance like all the other road kill but the clincher came :- congratulations you are the fastest grandad on a Duc in Tassie, at this particular moment, is it really worth it and will it say that on your tombstone.
    The voice of reason has won, I aim to stay under 160 kph and will let someone else tell me the top speeds of warp factor 5 and 6 on their Monster.

  2. of course this all happened in a dream sequence :]:]
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  3. Aren't you glad you didn't ride this particular bike when you were 18? Would the voice have happened then?
  4. You're lucky it doesn't tell you to "start fires".
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  5. And what in particular were you actually flying?
  6. Seriously doubt I would have made 19. Did some stupid things back then and no voices so I must be older and wiser or getting dementia.:confused::confused:
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  7. Just the Duc. S2r1000 with a couple of mods.Your toys get better with age.:rolleyes:
  8. Ah, so you would leave my baby behind a slight bit, but hubby is thinking about whether he would be able to handle his Kawasaki GTR 1000. Little bit of a rocket ship, for him anyway.
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  9. I like the voices. I don't think mine started talking to me (or I wan't listening) until I was 25 or so.

    How fast is fast enough? If the voice doesn't tell you, then you probably won't ever know.
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  10. 160 is pretty badass.

    Also, you can write dickhead. In fact you can write pretty much any fcuking word you want, forum software does the rest.
  11. My voice told me I really needed to tuck in my trouser cuffs and that I need heavier fork springs or something.
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  12. Ah the voices of wisdom, or some other shit that stops us from reliving our youth in our aging years. The voices are fine, just so long as you (we) can control them,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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  13. So East Coast CruiserEast Coast Cruiser.... These voices...happens often does it...does the voice have a gender...is there a figure or shape that you see when this voice talks to you...mmmmm...time for the chlorpromazine for you young man...
    You seem to be suffering from the delusion that birthday numbers makes you old...NEVER ;)
    age is an attitude...I'm well over 50 but feel like at 16 year old in ALL ways...
    I think most of us, if we are honest, just get that endorphin surge at some stage (and age) I liken it to my dog doing the mad minute around the back yard...it just feels so bloody good!
    My voices just say...yay let's do that again and see if we can round those figures up to end in a zero (damn you $1.56!!!). :D
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  14. As a fellow Duc rider I guess you could say the 'Desmo made me do it'
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  15. reading the opening I wonder if the po po still read our site for instances like this, careful what you advertise is what I was always told.
  16. $1.60 IS the new badass from a strictly legal perspective. It is way into trouble territory. Does the voice call it? Rarely. Is it about the sign? Not usually. All to do with the quality of the road and the potential for scrutiny. The voice will call this one only when sustained, or there is really something wrong with the road or conditions. It's fine with a "squirt".

    "Have a look at the dial" is common. It is easy to forget and come up on something with way too much pace, that requires much more care and/or skill.
    "time to stop and get off for a while" is another. It is easy to fall into a complacency on long rides. This one calls out when I might be missing things, or are just getting too tired, sore to enjoy the ride minute by minute. Only a vague memory of what I've seen in the last half hour is a trigger for some shouting.
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  17. Ohh thank fcuk for that. Trying to work out how many fcuking #%$ symbols I needed to blank out my bloody swear words was giving me the shits big time .In fact it was doing my fcuking head in and the voices were coming back and that pisses me off because I am right out of OldmaidOldmaid 's tablets. Haha - lets see how the software copes with that.:wacky::wacky:
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  18. OldmaidOldmaid I like you ! Its been a LONG time since I have been called a young man. That endorphin surge is good it kicks in under fast acceleration but seems to run out when the speed gets too high. The good voice sucks the guts out of it. Can you get endorphins in a tablet I like them.
    Age is but a number and you are only as old as what you are feeling so if I could get a cute 20 year old to feel I wouldn't need the endorphin tablet.A little blue pill might come in handy.:joyful:
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  19. Desmo is a Bad Ass, I like him.
  20. Ohh fcuk, no one told me they could read. I thought they were all illegitimate.;);)
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