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Voice of a V25C owner

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by v8mirage, Dec 27, 2006.

  1. (This is a re-post from 'General discussion' after I found out I posted it into a wrong group)
    Hi guys,

    Being a new member for quite sometimes in this forum but didn't get any chance to contribute to it. So here my first topic.

    I own an import pearly white Honda 1997 v25c sp model (yep, it's a special edition not just the normal custom model). As it is my first bike ever in my life I don't really have anything to complaint about nor dare to compare it with other bikes. What attracked me the most are the solid rear wheel and the near solid front wheel (not sure if this make sense to you) Razz

    The wow factor of the bike is also very high as many people don't expect you to get a learner bike in this size.

    One thing for sure with cruiser, the first moment I scraped my foot pedal it scared the shits out of me and made me "re-learn" my cornering skill for months. Razz

    I read other posts about comparing 250cc cruisers, they sure helped me focus my mind on getting my bike. I love it from the moment I saw it on the floor! For this I'd like to say thanks to those who posts their comments and help others out for finding their bikes. Thank you guys Smile

    So, I'm curious to know, how many VT250C / V25C riders do we have here? I live in Victoria, I started to pay attention to bikes for more than a year, so far I only saw 2 on the road.

    I'd also like to share my thought about the V25C, just to see how many people might have the same view as I do.

    First off, I have to tell you guys that my dream bike is a Honda Goldwing (back dated from 80's to recent models).

    I really hope my bike would have saddle bags, not that it can't have one but I have to live with the fact that the exhaust pipe will blow directly to the bottom of the saddle bag. I really don't understand why they design a nice cruiser with this rather funny exhaust pipe, I can't stop but to think they don't like people to add saddle bags on to it.

    I saw pictures from Hongkong second hands motorcycle market, and they have some rather big modification to these cruiser. Bullet head light, straigh exhaust... but I'm sure they won't pass Australia's motocycle compliance.
    The website is too darn slow to load up. For those of you who don't have anything better to do: http://www2.ibike.com.hk/buysell/bu...keyword=magna&pricefrom=0&priceto=0&B1=Search

    By the time I get rids of my restrictions, I know I'll feel sad to sell this bike. Only if it has a bit more compartment space, it'd be so much more practicle as to compare to cars where you can do a bit of shopping with it.

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  3. Would love to see it. I'm still on my L's though, so I probably won't join the ride.

    I'm planning to get my license test next month.

  4. I ride a VT250C. Generally it's great to ride, and I have got the pegs down a few times :grin: I like the look of the solid rear wheel, but I have to admit I'm less of a fan in a strong crosswind - there have been a few times when I've felt the back of the bike going sideways a little.

    Storage-wise I use a Ventura rack and their largest available bag (at least it was when I bought it - they might have brought out a bigger one since).

    The only serious problem I've had with it was the classic Honda problem of a dead rectifier/regulator. That was recently fixed and all is good again now.
  5. And that my friends is the single best idea on how to choose your first bike. Congrats mate sounds like you have the bug, repeat after me "Hi I am v8mirage and I am a bikeaholic!" :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  6. I had one of these for a while - I was captivated by the silver model and bought one straight out.

    They are a true attention grabber in a way that even some larger cruisers can't manage. The looks are about as schmick as you can get.

    I got rid of mine fairly quickly because it handles like a bag of shite. Don't go, don't stop, don't turn. So it fulfils the cruiser criteria very well but it's rubbish if you want to push a bike and ride quick.