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Vodka spilt through digital camera - HELP !!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Miss_dj, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. Hey peeps,

    Well the GP proved to be one of the best weekends of my life apart from a drunken moment where i spilt vodka all over my digital camera...

    Can anyone tell me what i should do???

    I left it to dry but accidentally turned it on after the spill (thats when i saw the spillage) so now im worried that the circuits have blown :(

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated !!

    Sad Jamie :(
  2. Pull as much of it apart as you think you can put back together, hope it drys out (hopefully it will being alcohol) and hope for the best!!!
  3. Hi Jamie, Vodka isn't too bad as it is pretty clean spirit it may however leave a residue. I work in the Electronics industry and the general remedy is to clean using a purer form of alchohol, the industry uses isopropolalchohol but you can use metholated spirits.

    Remove the battery pack.
    Remove the Storage card e.g. Compact flash etc.
    Using the metholated spirits:
    With a fine brush or clean rag clean the body of the camera.
    Clean the contacts of the battery and the contacts of the storage card.
    Clean the contacts inside the camera where the battery fits.
    Clean the contacts where the storage card fits.
    Leaving all the doors and compartments of the camera open put the camera in a warm place, (Not direct sunlight) and leave for 24 hours.
    Refit the memory card and battery and see how you go.

    Good Luck. - Go Casey :)
  4. Thanks guys...

    The thing is, it was a pre mixed vodka drink so i hope that doesnt make it too sticky :(

    Hmmm i might see if anyone else can do what cjvfr recommended - cause knowing my luck, ill ruin it...
  5. Ditial Camera 0 / Tart-Fuel 1

    Vodka mixes are BAD..mkay? :p
  6. Just do what any self-respecting lass would do with something she's spilt a Cruiser on

  7. Undo whatever bits of the case you can get back together, place it in a very dry box packed in with a few silica packets and hope.
  8. Damn, vodka mixer is a bit different!!! hello bootloads of sugar!! Good luck!
  9. Tart fuel? Geez, a bit rough!!
  10. I can take a look at it if you aren't able to take it apart yourself, I can also see if there are major problems with it too...

    I've taken a few apart before, but somehow some never go back together... (j/k ;) )
  11. Hey mate...

    That would be awesome !

    I called a few camera repair stores and just for them to do a quote, im looking at $50... Then they'll hit me with the cost...

    Ill PM you now...
  12. Love it! (The name, not the drink)
  13. Isopropanol? Gloves and fume cupboard required if you use that :p.

    phong =P~
  14. dude wet camera!!!! Replace it!!
  15. Got home and contents insurance?
    You spilled drink on it at home didn't you?
  16. It's not that easy for me to come up with $800+ just to simply replace an already new camera...

    Yeah my mum mentioned that to me yesterday... and of course, i dont have home and contents insurance... :(

    Seems my luck this year is sh!t lol The GP events unfolded:

    1 - I dropped my mobile in the bike paddock and if i wasnt for some honest guy who picked it up, i wouldnt have it...

    2 - I tripped over a Buell sign/banner thingy and almost took down the whole stand

    3 - The camera of course

    + too many more to list lol - what a weekend... :roll:

  17. See if you can try and claim it on warranty!!!

    Just make sure you get out as much sugary goodness as you can! If it's completely stuffed, rinse it out with alcohol, and then send it back for warranty!! Ah, ive got nothin...
  18. The other option is to take it to Nittram Photographic Services and get a quote on the clean and repair (it'll cost you around the $55 to $60 mark, which comes off the repair if you go ahead with it). I had a Minolta repaired there and they did a dam good job.

    Located on Doncaster Road near the intersection with Bulleen Road. They have a website as well:



    PS No afilliation etc etc - they just did a good job fixing my camera!
  19. What else do you call that stuff??

    Lolly Water?
  20. Not new anymore.

    I don't think the warranty will cover you, so cope it sweet. Shit happens you know. I have been throught three mobile phones within a year so I finally decided to insure my phone. And I bet you anything that now nothing will happen to it.