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VN900 Custom or M50?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by snowy, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. Arguably, these two appear to be the premier mid-size cruisers, but there seems to be significant price difference.

    12500 for the VN

    10500 for the M50

    Anybody got any ideas why there is such disparity, on what appear to be very simliar featured bikes?

    Great forum BTW


  2. Snowy,

    I suspect the C50 is possibly not selling that well for Suzuki and it's being priced accordingly. I believe resale is pretty average too, but the C50 is not alone there. The VN is slightly bigger in the cubes department but that doesn't translate to much of a difference on-road. I agree there probably shouldn't be such a price difference. My personal preference is with the C50, though I ride an M50, which is probably closer to the VN 900 Custom (whose styling I don't particularly like anyway). If you're not fussed either way, I'd probably go the C50 and spend the difference on bling. :wink:
  3. A young lady in canberra just negotiated a VN900 custom in that awesome green for around $11.5k ride away, with immobiliser and V&H pipes.
    Ring around, I think a dealer in Sydney (alto?) offered her one for $11k or slightly under.
    They're a fantastic bike, specs are great compared to teh other midsize cruisers, twin throttle bodies, big rear DISC brake, Uni Trak suspension, really nice alloy wheels. And the greeen is AWESOME.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. C50 if i was you.. Nothing in it really.. Resale is poor on both, but in saying that i got mine for $10k ride away, spent about $1500 on extras and sold it for $10k a year later .. :grin:
  5. Thanx for the info guys, yeah I meant to mention the M50 as well as it would be this one or the VN custom.

    Yeah its kinda interesting, this price difference, although thats right I'm sure better prices could be negotiated for both. But as its likely to be relative then this 2k gap will no doubt remain irrespective of final purchase price.

    So using this as our model for purchasing, if we were able to negotiate a VN for say 11k, then we may well expect to negotiate the C50/M50 FOR 9K....mmm...but then again maybe this is non-linear and hence unrealistic.

    So putting this aside for a moment and assuming a 11k price for the VN and 10.5k for the C50/M50, does this actually help? Its difficult to see the VN being worth the extra 2k, but for an extra 0.5k, it may well be the better buy.

    Decisions, decisions...
  6. If you can get the price that close, which I doubt very much, then go with the one that stands out for you.

    If it is a couple of grand difference I'd go for the C50. That's why I got one. The kwaka dealer would not move on $12500.

    Got the C50 on road for $10250.
  7. Go to anothyer dealer. There were SEVERAL in Sydney around $11-11.5k.

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. If you're worried more about resale than performance (and realistically mid-size cruisers are *not* about performance) then the Honda VT750 series have easily the best resale in that market segment.
  9. Resale value is really not an issue for me with these particular bikes, its more about quality, reliability, performance etc etc. So I guess the question is: Just taking the RRP and forgetting ubeaut negotiated deals, what is it about the VN that justifies paying 2-2.5k more on these issues of quality, performance and reliability etc etc.

    Is it better lookin?

    Is it more reliable?

    Is it more comfortable?

    Does it outperform all others on standard benchmark criterion?

    Does it cost half the amount of the M50 to service?

    Is it because its a "Vulcan" (whatever that means)

    Or has this bike so revolutionary it has almost created another category of cruisers?

    I've looked at it from a few angles and I just cant find anythin that stands out, so I'm hopin someone will say, "hey man, you haven't considered this or that.

    I know this sounds a pretty cold approach, but I just wanted to get an idea of the difference here, once all the sales hype and brand loyalty issues have been peeled back.
  10. One of the reasons I bought the M50 was the tubeless tyres on cast wheels .
    Makes roadside repair possible, and no probs with spoked wheels down the track. Geometry 'felt' better.
    Seat shape - VN was markedly better - but $10 fixed that on the M50.

    Shaft drive is handy for maintenance - almost zero - just check oil level each service, and some grease on the drive shaft once a year.
    The belt drive loses less power through the system, but if you catch a stone in the belt - buy a new belt!

    Water cooled - if you ride in traffic - quite handy.

    One other aspect that was important to me was that the speedo on the M50 is on the bars - not on the tank - if you wear a full face helmet - a tank mounted speedo is hard to read.

    Ground clearance - I found the VN900 ground out quicker in the corners. I DONT like heel toe shifters either, or floorboards - you nay have a differnt idea/

    Styling - The M50 was closer to a 'normal' bike than a trad cruiser, and I liked that. For me - less chrome was better. The VT750 appeared to have had all the character removed.

    The M50 felt faster - subjective only.

    Look at the sales figures - VL800 was one of the top 10 selling cruiser bikes last year. Safety in numbers.

    So in the end - ONLY YOU CAN MAKE THE DECISION! There is not a lot in the choice that is not subjective - I have friends with VN's, and they are quite happy with their purchase.
  11. I went VN900 Custom. I considered the M50 because of shaft drive over belt, but the dealer assures me they've never changed a belt on the VN900 as long as it's regularly maintained.

    The thing that put me of the M50 (and C50) was the rear brake is a drum rather than a disc. Also, not a huge fan of black cruisers as it makes them look a fair bit alike.
  12. You got the green, nice work!

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. Dont be concerned about the drum brake.. It actually works unlike the rear disc brakes on a sports bike.. Believe me, it has some serious stopping power that drum brake.. :twisted:
  14. Drums aren't that bad, but try stopping hard a few times in a row, or using that rer drum in heavy traffic, and get back to us! BTDT.
    I wouldn't buy anything I'd be riding in teh city/hilly areas that had a rear drum. For boulevarde posing, no probs.

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. Thanks for the terrific input guys, i think I'll just list what clearly are the advantages (ignoring subjective cosmetic issues) of the VN over the M50 as feedback comes in so we can then see exactly what that extra 2k is getting us.

    So far from these posts it appears that

    1. The VN has a better seat.

    2. The VN has a rear disc.

  16. 3. The M50 has better clearance and handling

    4. The M50 has the maintenance free shaft

    5. The M50 is cheaper so you can spend the difference on new gear
  17. I think this depends alot on your riding style ... being at the right speed for corners and traffic lights etc ... I use engine braking far more than the rear brake ... the front if I need to ... and all three in an emergency ... hopfully every traffic light is not an emergency :roll:

  18. Now go and quote my post in it's entireity, don't snip it so it suits your own beliefs. It makes full sense if you do that.

    Regards, Andrew.
  19. I know exactly what you are saying, and if i hadnt of owned one i would have been saying the same thing, but i never had a problem with it. And considering i have a modern sports bike as well, i really did notice the difference.. Also remember that a cruiser has more more weight than a sports bike over rear wheel due to the sitting position.. Anyway thats only my opinion, which is 1 in a million.. :grin:
  20. I don't want to be beating up on Typhoon any more than necessary but what he's saying about drums not being any good in the city or the hills (the only places I ride my M50) is a very common misconception.
    I think that's at least 3 tossers in a million now. ;)