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VN250 eliminator newbie

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by deemo, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. Hi all, been on the forum for a while inly just got the bike, 2001 kawa elimiator
    Needs some attention but im happy with it. Gotta hit the Saturdays for some Ls training.
    Question I have is in regards to the service manual, cant find any info on the net about servicing, oil viscosity and quantity needed for the engine and all that, i wanted to freshen her up before i teke her out for more serious riding.

    If someone could provide me even partial bit of info it would be a big help.

    cheers, photos so come

    promised photo
  2. Hi Deemo,
    I have a 2000 Eliminator. The owners manual can be found here:
    I've been lurking here a while, had my Ls for 1 week and so will be a regular at the saturday sessions.
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  3. what is you opinion on turning a vn250 into a sort off semi bobber.

    since it needs seat reupholstering already i thought i could just get a solo seat, replace rear fender and attach it to rear forks so its nice and snug to the wheel whiles the suspension has complete travel and some handlebars that sit low and wide, similar to v rod harley
    only concern with it is the resale value after mods, what can i expect in a year or two when i decide to upgrade, can i expect to loose a bit?

    there is the other option, fix the seat and enjoy it as it is
  4. I think I gave my workshop manual away with my Eliminator when I sold it. Great bike by the way.

    If I had kept it, I would have bobbed it. It looks to me like a perfect bike for that.
  5. Congrats on the bike and good luck with the learning, you'll gain some valuable skills while having a heap of fun!

    If you're going to mod the bike by adding and replacing some parts, just keep all the bits you take off. When it comes time to sell the new owner can either keep it in the modified version or restore it back to orginal if they want.

    Realistically for what an '01 VN250 sells for today you'd have to do something pretty significant to have much of an impact on it's resale value! Just don't spray paint it pink, and do a reasonable job on the mods and I think you'll be fine :)

    Be sure to do some research on new bars before you buy anything. You may find something that adds a lot of extra width or pull-back to the bars may also require new cables which could add to the cost.

    I would probably suggest though that you ride the bike for a few months and really get the feel of her. You might find you like it as it is, or you may find a couple of things that you would prefer to adjust to improve the handling to your specifications. The best money I spent on my C50 was buying some pull-back risers to change the handle bar position. For a very small investment I was able to change my sitting postion, create more comfort for myself, get rid of the shoulder pain I was experiencing and it even changed the appearance of the bike subtly too. All up it cost bugger all and was easily the best thing I could have done to improve my bike for me.

    Good luck and keep us updated with pics!
  6. did the service today, im a bit confused and unsure if i got enough oil in the engine.
    In the computer database at supercheap when the bloke looked up what oil to use, it said tht engine consumes 1.8L of oil per service. When i emptied the engine of old oil there was about 2.5 L in there. Not to say i trust thats the correct amount just because it looked quit old and filter looked old as well, through the sight glass i cant see a thing, no matter what i do; must be just oil coated the surface on the inside. Tried sticking a wire with a brush on top to clean up but couldnt reach the sight glass. I hope someone can confirm how much oil i need.
    For now i think ill take the advice of Fragbait and just ride it as is for a couple of months maybe even get my P on it before i do mod it. Did a quick photoshop of what it would look like with solo seat and lower handlebars. didnt get any photos of mine yet gott do that one soon and post up

  7. Thanks for that, i dont know how i missed this post, must of red it on my phone then forgot bout it, thats brilliant huge help
  8. Fixed up my seat, more than happy with the result. Bloke even fixed up the foam which was gettin rough underneath all that old and ripped skin and tape, free of charge; guy is a champ.

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  9. congrats on the bike! my first bike was an eliminator. if i didnt have to carry my chick as pillon so many up big hills, where i am, i would never have gotten rid of it. FANTASTIC bike and the absolute KING of the mini cruisers.
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  10. Exactly what he said. Looked like sex in eletric blue, too.
  11. On sunday's ride to Bathurst I discovered that my VN250 is power restricted. It wasn't a problem while on L plates but it had trouble hauling my fat ass up hills at P plate speed.

    So how to fix it:

    I considered DIY. google turned up 2 vague suggestions that there is a baffle in the airbox and some tube around the carb needle (I expect the vacuum piston) has holes in it that need to be glued up. The OEM service manual says the euro version of the VN250 has different jets but gives no other clues.

    or, bikebiz will de-restrict it for $300

    So rather than mess around with half-a-clue and probably make it run worse, I've booked it in with the dealer. I'll report back after the job is done.
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  12. I had a look in my airbox, pulled everything out and there is only a thin bit of spungy bit for small particles of dust i would say and a very course steel mesh. I didnt see anything that would restrict the air flow but then again someone prob got to it before me anyway.

    Would be good to find out how u go with it, let us know and gl
  13. I hope you have reseached the amount of oil and are sure..
  14. is this about my previous questions? i have found a manual and got it worked out since, dont worry would be guessing when it comes to that stuff
  15. Rode my bike home after it had the carbs de-restricted. All i can say is :D

    Bloody brilliant. It used to run out of steam at 9500rpm, now it pulls strongly to 13000rpm. On the road, let's just say the .80 hill is now worth $1.05.
  16. Very nice pic
    Can you tell us about it?
  17. it is nice, if i only had ba//s to chop it up and make it look like that lol

    thats just a dream in photoshop, it would require some rear fender choppin, solo seat and lower handlebars with a larger headlight to give it a bit of that retro look.

    the rest is stock as u can see, add some exhaust work and may be a skinny tank...if i was gain to chop it up tho :$
    i dont kn ow if it would be worth end result, when thinking of resale i mean
  18. i didnt think they were restricted? i always though that this is what 250cc has end of story; is it due to weight? was p/w ratio too good so they had to be restricted to comply with the Law? i really though that whats it got is what it is
  19. Australia got restricted bikes, Europe got unrestricted. The difference is 10kW which is a lot for a 250.

    Maybe it was a marketing decision. The restricted bike felt slightly stronger at low rpm than it does now. Maybe the marketing people thought the nobbled engine performs more like a cruiser should and thats what Australians want to buy

    Whatever the reason, it's quite sad. Kawasaki engineered a great 250 cruiser that mops the floor with its competitors* then they nobbled it.

  20. i researched this today and there is a "kit"
    it claims that gives you more power, protects the engine from running lean and bunch of other stuff. Dunno...
    I also read on another forum, this guy claims that 2006 and on models are not restricted as previous models; if you can trust that