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VMU media release

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Apr 2, 2005.


    Call for Riders to Support Family of Fallen Rider on Tuesday 5th April

    The Victorian Motorcyclists Union (VMU) is encouraging riders, who work in the CBD, to park their motorcycles outside the County Court on Tuesday 5th April to show their support for the family of Geoff Lording who was killed in an horrific collision in Wallan, in November, 2004.

    Following her appearance in the Magistrates Court on 27th January Melanie Louise Edwards, 27, of Mill Park, who was charged with culpable driving, drink driving, failure to stop and failure to render assistance in relation to the death of motorcycle rider Geoff Lording, will appear in the County Court on Tuesday 5th April.

    On 27th January Magistrate Cripps addressed the matter and advised Ms. Edwards that the weight of evidence against her was sufficient to result in a conviction on the three charges of: Culpable driving, Failing to stop at the scene of an accident and Failing to render assistance.

    Silent Statement

    Riders are not encouraged to attend Tuesday’s hearing, but to make a silent statement in relation to the general issue, which this case has brought to the surface, by positioning their motorcycles outside the County Court on Tuesday.


    The Motorcycle community believe that any lack of severity imposed by the Judge in this case will simply be the source of further victimization of not only the Lording family, but indeed the grieving families of the many motorcyclists taken from us by those irresponsible, selfish car-drivers whose choice it is to break the law.

    There has long been debate over fairness in sentencing of car drivers for killing or injuring motorcycle riders. Police and courts say riders get the same treatment as other road users. But the perception within the motorcycle community is that “they don’t.”

    For further comment, contact VMU Media Spokesperson:

    Alex Money 0414 994 600
    John Karmouche 0419 359 628 (on Tuesday 5th April)
  2. If i was in Melbourne, I'd be there in a second :cry:

    This i think is a good idea, shame that some good ideas are the results of sad circumstances
  3. Wish I could go but working and not in Melbourne.

    Got a reply some months ago from Magistrate Gray regarding a letter I sent to him on the issue. He tried to wash off most of my comments/concerns, but I'm sure my letter was one of many he got. Maybe he got the point?? Maybe. :x
    'Spose he was decent enough (barely) to reply.

    Hope there is a bit of a turn out - we need to be noticed on issues such as these.
  4. I've read the release twice but can't see a time.....

    :D :D :D
  5. The idea is that people who work in the city park thier bike outside the County Court then they themselves head off to work. There by having a string of beautiful bikes out the front without all the not so beautiful riders. :D

    If you wanted to actually be in the court then I guess its up to you to find out the time. 8)
  6. From Mraa site
  7. Vic, what evidence other than a Gut Feeling is there. Are there any facts, records to back up this perception. Once the findings have been referenced then it may well be Fact or perhaps Fiction

    Cheers 8)