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VMU Elections

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Removed_User6, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. For those who wish to make a differance here is the oppertunity you have been waiting for .

  2. Does anyone have a copy of the VMU constitution that they could post? I can't find a copy on the VMU website.
  3. Can anyone tell me how one becomes a member?
  4. By clicking on the ***Join The VMU*** link on the left hand side of the page?????????????????
  5. Vic... mate... for those of us that haven't been to their website it would be???? :wink:
  6. I'm going to beat vic to it - have a look at the Links Directory page...
  7. Thank you for that..........
  8. the names not Vic :LOL:
    for those who want to.....

  9. I've tried that several times and never once got a responce over the last 12 months
  10. Maybe they didnt like you Gavin??
  11. I can't believe that for one minute I'm a nice bloke :)
  12. Can some-one explain to me what brought all this about?
  13. I think a little bald headed guy might know something :)
  14. At the meeting do the nominees have to have a sales pitch so we know what they stand for
    , I mean alot of these people we may never have met or heard of before.
  15. I'm not little...............oh you mean down there....... :)

    Any incorported association must be run according to the model rules and by-laws that govern such bodies.

    When there are no xGM's held and you fail to abide by the rules, you leave yourself wide open for fines to be imposed by Consumer Affairs.

    We had no option but to do what was done on Monday.
  16. Absolutely, if the VMU is to be retained and operated correctly then yes.
    If it is to be disbanded then no :)
  17. Oh, I just got a call from the hosting company.
    They are going to turn the website off today because the bill has not been paid for almost 3 months.

    Damn :(
  18. A question and a thought .
    1. Is the current Board running for the positions that are up for elections?

    With what has been discussed about a united front in motorcycleing on the monash thread and having a motorcycleing war cabinet to uses a term , here is the oppertunity.

    What I see is the biggest problem within Victoria is the two lobbys arent on the same page (to quote a big bald man)
    Now if a post was placed up with people putting forward there own resume (in a sense) and POLL on netrider was taken and people here picked 4 candidates to run for positions .
    now this is not a popularity contest , you want people who are willing to speak there mind , and negotiate on your behalf and netriders need to consider this prior to voting
    Netrider members would have to join the vmu ,(this would have to be done on a nother thread, and can also be done by mraa people on there forum so you have combined strength)
    but from that poll or thread we would have a ggroup of people who could nominate and if it was done properly and with the assist of Vic and his orginisation skills proxy forms of some kind for members who could not attend the nominations or elections but netrider and mraa represenatives could turn out between them selves at least 126 people , bikes or votes then these people would be elected into these positions.

    if that was to occur , the board of the vmu would then be able to sit down with the board of the mraa and work together as a united front.
    They can share each others resources , turn out together on issues and also hold positions on other commitees that are working for the 1 goal MOTORCYCLISTS>

    This is just an idea , now the people who stand for these positions , must be able to:
    stand up and be counted
    Negotiatation skills
    prepared to sacrafice a few days a month to attend meetings and sit down with goverment depts etc , and say to them , we are now the VMU and we will work with the mraa on motorcycling issues .

    The mraa and VMU would get behind closed doors and thrash out any differances of opinions on issues and when they come out have 1 combined message.

    These people can be anyone from here , ex board members of mraa etc , admin etc
    I am going to drop a few names here , now i havent got a clue of these people ideas on it or thoughts but I am putting forward a couple of names that could be considered (all for differant reasons ) :
    James (from VMU)
    JK (from VMU)

    as i have said , they are differant names and each person who have differant attributes to bring to the table , and i dont know what these peoples personal bviews , circumstances, opinions are so i cant speak for them , they were just a few ideas of people who may have some constructive input on it
    People need to be aware that this isnt a half arsed thing that you can get into and not commit , they will have to make sacrafices on all fronts and commit to them , but if you are serious about it , here is the chance.
    I know this idea has its faults and may have points that need to be fixed up , but its just a put forward idea.
    Now to do this you will need to have the support of Vic and the site .
    On a side note : I think Vic with his knowledge of politics , running of committees , skills at gathering support , orginising and other qualitys would be a great candidate to lead something like this
  19. hope your not serious
  20. I to would think Vic the best to lead this but dont you think he has enough on his plate with netrider? . I do like your choice of people tho.