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Vmoto Monza Speed Limiter

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Dark_Angel_6, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. I recently bought my first scooter, a Vmoto Monza and love it. But i'd really like to know how to remove the speed limiter on it so i can at least go faster than 60kmh. If anyone has any ideas i would appreciate it.

  2. ive recently bought a monza as well and i wondered the same thing. if tou take of the floor plate (its not glued or anything just pull it up) the is a plate with a few screws and it u take it off u get to the battery. there are two leads other than the main ones. you should try disconnecting them i think that might be the limiter. i havnt had a chance to test it yet im still on my ls.
  3. Over the last 6 months ive had some time to find a few things out about the monza.

    1. Being a chinese import when all's said and done, the speed limiter is fairly simple. Its a series of weights on the drive belt that need to be adjusted in order for the gearbox to change into top gear.

    2. One of the first things that should be done to improve the performance of the scooter is to replace the standard exaust with a sports exaust. I think I was quoted around the $300 mark for parts and labour.

    3. If you have a full bike licence, the 70cc rebore kit will definately give an overall speed boost to the scooter, although by this point it's probably better economically speaking to just buy a larger scooter.

    Overall ive decided that i'll just stick with the sports exaust and stay at 60 Kmh until i can afford a bigger scoot.

    And as far as the other leads on the battery go, i beleive they connect up to the electronics such as the speedo, lights and alarm/immobilizer. so its probably not a good idea to disconnect them.
  4. I beleive that most scooters have a variator (which is almost like a continuos gear box, and range of gears). What they do to cap the to speed is restrict how far the belt can move up the variator by placing a disc or bung in the spool. Any bike mechanic can remove this item, which lets the belt advance fully up the variators spool.

    This could invalidate your warranty though, double check! :)
  5. Monza

    Hi guys

    Ive got a v-moto monza and i love it!!!

    Ive done a bit of work to it and it flys! I thought id share what ive done.

    Malossi Multivar Variator 7.1 gram rollers (stock engine), yellow torque spring, Malossi belt.

    Gianalli next pipe

    Ngk B8HS Spark plug.

    Malossi air filter

    On a stock engine raise the needle height on the carb to half way (clip 3)
    Adjust the oil pump as far as you can.
    Make sure it has full throttle.

    These scoots dont have a rev limiter.

    With all this it will do a consistant 75ks and you will get 150ks to a tank of fuel.


  6. hey adam

    do you know if these mods can be done to a vmoto milan?

    my g/f has a milan and wants a little bit more power, especially going up hills. any ideas what we should do first? is there something that needs to be de-restricted?

  7. milan/monza is the same engine if i remember correctly. But remember Adam is talking about some fairly serious mods for such a cheap little scoot. You really would have to weigh up the benefit of forking out that kind of $$$.
  8. hmm ok well i guess it wouldnt hurt to change the variator weights and perhaps a performance exhaust on the milan. pretty cheap upgrades really. and yeh i know the vmoto's are a cheap scoot and i too wouldnt be in a rush to spend too much $$ on it.

    ive just ordered a malossi 70cc cylinder kit, dellorto 17.5mm carb, racing manifold and kevlar belt for my vespa et2 (already got the multivar and exhaust). after i fit this gear i'll let the g/f take it for a ride....and if it really makes a difference, we might look into doing something like that to her milan.

    the performance parts are quite reasonably priced....you just gotta do your homework, and fit it yourself.

    anyway if we do upgrade her milan i'll post up some info on here which others may benefit from.

    while im here.... i watched a youtube vid explaining how to de-restrice a yamaha scoot, which is just the simple removal of a small washer.

    does anyone know if the milan has a small washer on the outside of the variator case that restricts its performance??

    if i dont get any replies i might have to pull it apart to have a look :)
  9. + 1 :)

    mate locate the variator and there will be a washer.. that is the limiter.. remove it and then replace everything else .. now go for a scoot and watch your km go up by atleast 15km :)
  10. most scooters and to put it simple..you take off your drive case, inside there you'll see a thin plate (cog), remove the cog, behind that you'll see a spacer (wedding ring size) remove it and replace the cog and drive case,look at rejetting the carby also.

    vespa, piaggio's 50cc's you have to take off the carby and remove a plate, easy to notice, size of a 20 cent bit with holes in it, i'd also be rejetting the carby, 50cc come out stock with a size 53..replace it with a size 60 main jet
  11. I'm looking at getting some lighter weight rollers to put on my Vmoto monza. I'm just not sure what exact width they are. Is there a way of looking them up so I can be sure that the new ones will fit the variator basket??
  12. What do you mean by adjusting the oil pump? What exactly do you have to do for max performance? Do you have to do this in conjunction with adjusting the needle?