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vmoto monaco surging problems??

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by funkstacat, May 29, 2006.

  1. hey all my name is trevor, im a long time reader first time writer. ive ownned a 2005 monaco 125 for about 8 months and racked up about 5100k. ive had the first service and then another service at about 2200 and i done one at 4000 after they wanted to dharge me 120 to do it when the mechanic told me all they do is change the oils and clean out the filter( a bit of steel wool! ) anywho, the scoot has been great up until recently, it has no worries at all doing between 95-105( no mods just pulp ) but about 2 weeks ago all of a sudden it developed a surge, the weird thing is it was surging but the engine note was not really changing. it was coming and going for a few days and the it was getting more frequent. the other day i was sitting on 100 then it just died, i lost about 30km/hr it just sounded muffled ish as if i just blocked the air intake, i travelled a few k like that ( full throttle btw ) and had to stop at the lights, when i took of again the prob went away for another 5-10k. i dont want to take it to the dealer as they want to charge me 70p/hr to find the prob then charge for necessary parts. id rather try to fix it myself. so after writing this novel i was hoping if someone had this same or similar prob with there 4stroke scoot or monaco they might be able to give me some tips. thanks everyone in advance.

  2. That sound like a classic example of a partial sieze of a 2-stroke that is thrashed to within an inch of it's poor little life. Keep riding it like that and it will be scrap in no time.
  3. i was some what thinking that, but i was hoping to dismiss it due to the fact its aircooled. why would it seize?
  4. Because you are thrashing it. If it gets too hot the piston expands and prevents proper lubrication, which causes it to get hotter, which causes the piston to expand etc etc...If you keep going it will eventually sieze solid. The reason it went away after you stopped for a while was simply that it cooled down. It's a small capacity scooter for dogs sake, not a sportsbike. If you insist on riding it like one you will kill it. I'm not saying that is definitely what is going on, especially since I noted that it is a 4-stroke, but if it consistently improves when you let it cool down, then it is quite likely. It would actually be less likely to sieze if it was water cooled.
  5. what do you mean by "thrash" and "sportsbike" all i do is jump on and ride it to work 4 days a week (65k a day ) isn't that what everyone does?
  6. You could be right. I got the impression from your first post that you regularly rode it at close to 100kph. Now that may be ok for short bursts, but for a 125cc machine its actually working its little heart out and the longer you sustain those kind of revs, the more the poor little bugger is under threat. If I am wrong, and you treat it with respect, then I apologise.
  7. na thats ok. i sit on 100 for about 5 or so mins. then its usually about 80-85 for the rest of the trip. what about spark plug or something within the fuel system? i'll probably just have to bite the bullet and through money at it. when i changed the oil last i put astrol fully synthetic 5w50 car oil in it and also used synthetic gearbox oil. but car oil should still do the trick right? also what i was going to say was that it surges a bit even when i first jump on at 5 oclock in the morn when its freezing cold. it only warms up for as long as it takes to put my helmet jacket and gloves on.
  8. If by "surging" you mean that the revs go up and down without throttle input, you could try checking for an air leak between the carby and the barrel. I don't know much about the Monaco, but be careful with what oil you put in the gearbox.
  9. yeah that sounds like what its doin.
  10. check that engine oil against the recommended oil in the handbook mate, cause usually fully synthetic car oil isnt the right stuff for scoots.

    As for you sitting on 85km/hr most of the time - yeah that should be fine, no realy problems with that sort of speed. But yeah it still is a relatively small capacity motor.
  11. 85km is still revving pretty hard for a 125 scoot....as for the oil, car oil and scoot oil are very different. I agree and check the manual.