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Vmoto monaca 125?? any thoughts?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by goddie, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. Hi folks, a friend at work has a Honda pcx150 up for first service, wanting to know the better or best place in sunny melb to have his scoot serviced.

    I am considering buying a vmoto monaca 125?? any thoughts? only ones around are 2006 models, are they ok with about 4k on the clock? anything to watch out for, I am wanting to commute approx 12 to 14 kms each way daily, no freeway, just want someting pokey enough off the lights to get away from the cars and to filter where my current kwaka z1000 abs wont fit. I know, a huge ride style/type but looking for practicailty, feedback would be greatly appreciated. Jap scoots more expensive, budget aroundthe $1k , I kow, you get what you pay for.
    thanks folks

  2. Just buy one. For 1k, even if it turns out to be horrible, there's a limit to how much you can lose. Bung a set of "tuned" variator rollers in it for shits n giggles off the lights and thrash it 'til it dies.
  3. For 1K it will be ok. Thats a good price withthat many kms if it is registered.

    If it breaks down you can usually fix them yourself if you have half a brain. And you can always ride the big bike for a couple days.
  4. Sounds like a reasonable deal given your specific need. Expect a top speed of 90 kph on the flat (with tail wind). The components will all be very basic (shocks, brakes etc) but if you want to leave bikes like your z1000 stuck behind you in peak hour traffic you're on the right path.

    As suggested, you can get an improved acceleration off the lights by using some Dr Pulley sliders that are lighter than your current rollers in the variator. Its a pretty easy change over if you have a the right tools. Just search for variator on YouTube to get a step by step guide.

    If you can't manage the task then Yamaha City in Melbourne will certainly help you out - and your mate with the pcx.

  5. Will tell the guy at work to call Yamaha City, reasonably priced?
  6. I wouldnt change the variator, thats just asking for unreliability. If the motor couldd do it the engineers would have done it in the first place. YMMV

    The trick with riding scoots is never to brake. You dont need acceleration if you are already going faster than everyone else.
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  7. the monaco is a shitheap

    but is acceptable for short trips

    i bought one new years ago new for my first scoot

    coolest thing ever was the remote start feature... that is if it still works

    i pulled off the air filter and gutted the exhaust and it did 105km/h tailgating a truck, stock 95 was flatout, it did cruise on 80km/h no worries though
  8. Well, yes, but if you don't do stupid mechanical stuff to a cheap, crappy 125 you're missing out on one of biking's great experiences. It's cheap enough to blow it up without crying too much and would be good fun up until that point.

    Besides, if everyone thought that way, the entire motorcycle and car tuning industries would cease to exist and life would be much duller :D.
  9. I've found them to be great value. They are cautious about letting you "over capitalise" a cheap Chinese ride.

    You can easily improve the basic performance of these GY6 scooters without undermining their reliability. As PatB says these scoots are quite mechanical in their operation so you can't go too far wrong. Again, have a look at YouTube for a heap of videos on how to mess with the guts of the thing and give yourself a bit of fun on the way through the gridlock.

    I thrash the b-jeez out of a TGB 150 and it simply refuses to die. Like AndrewD, I also gutted the exhaust and it made a huge improvement in performance - and everyone looks to see the HD coming down the street only to be bitterly disappointed by the sight of a stupidly noisy scooter! :D
  10. If you can't maintain the scoot yourself do yourself a favour and buy something other than chinese. Why spend 1000 on a scoot that needs a $150 oil change every 1500kms.

    And thats without making it unreliable.

    But yeah PatB is right, you can make them unreliable and at least you dont have the capitalinvested like a big bike. These bikes are simple and you can learn before you fcuk around with your big bike.