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Vmoto Milan Power ups.

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by shaunv8, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    I am BRAND new to the scoot scene but Im loving it. I bought a scooter to get to and from work and my main concern is that I top out on flat ground at @60kph and I have done some research here and online that there are some minor things that can be done to give a small boost in power. I dont want a racer but a bit more power would make me alot more comfortable with the flowing of the traffic if ya know what I mean. Im hoping you can throw some info my way as to what can be done, and some links as to how to do them, Id like to do them to save the $$. Also if you can point me in the direction of people in perth that powerups can be bought from, such as exhaust......BTE the scoot has @4800km on it.

    Thanks Shaun

  2. yeah theres things you can do. Best to speak to a V-moto dealer.

    just be aware that the mods you are talking about will have consequences;

    1) void any warranty left.
    2) make it illegal to ride if you are riding on a car license.
    3) likely void your insurance because of point 2 above.
    4) possibly decrease reliability and/or engine life.

    First thing that you should know is that 60km/hr is what 50cc scoots are supposed to do. Yes you certainly can make them faster but see notes above.

    I know of 2 people here in Perth who have been busted for riding modded 50cc scoots. Basically these modification mean that the scoot no longer meets the Australian Design Rules and is therefore not roadworthy.

    Having said all that, most people do mod them and just take the risk.
  3. yes it is illegal, but hay....

    been riding mine modded for over a year now, 94cc and sounds like a dirt bike, cops don't seem to look twice...
  4. yeah but theres an awful lot more to it than getting a fine from the cops. There is lack of insurance, liability, etc etc etc.

    I'm not saying do it or dont do it. I'm just saying know the risks and pitfalls and make a choice. While your at it, why not choose not to wear a helmet? After all, its just a law.

    Ps; Oh and if you've done illegal mods that make you and your scoot unlicensed, you better not cause an accident with me cause i'll rake you so far over the coals you wont walk straight for a year. :p :roll: