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vmoto milan performance mods

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by bassplayer, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. hi all.

    my g/f has a vmoto milan and wants a little more power out of it especially acceleration and going up hills.

    any ideas what we should look at first? is there something that can be de-restricted?


  2. theres a few things that can be done before you go adding stuff like an exhaust (good for a bit more power) and changing the variator (like changing the gears - no use on a standard bike). You should have a restrictor in the exhaust and also one in the variator. in the exhaust there should be a second pipe, near where it exits the engine, that goes no where. cut this off and weld the hole shut.... that will make a nice difference. some scoots also have a washer in the exhaust that also acts as a restrictor.... (mine only had the second pipe bit). Secondly the variator has a washer/nut on it that acts as a speed limiter... getting this removed will increase the top speed from 50 to about 65-70km/h. theres a few shops in adelaide that will do all of this for you (pm me if u want). mine had these two things done and i can get to 70kmh.....
  3. i saw this bin done on mikeys scooter on american chopper and they showed paul jr. doing this, he just had the exhaust off the scooter and he got a drill with sum cone shaped bit and he drilled through that washer that was at the end of the exhaust, ive got a milan too and after seeing that bin done i reckon ill do it myself to mine
  4. Should be pretty straight forward.

    let us know how you go.
  5. Should be pretty straight forward.

    let us know how you go.[/quote]

    ok i took off the exhaust off my milan today and i saw this washer looking thingy at the end of the exhaust, i easily managed to pop it out with a flat bladed screw driver. turns out that washer was like a gasket sorta thing but its not like a normal exhaust gasket. wen i popped it out of the exhaust pipe it was this metal material all wrapped up as a spring and wen i popped it out of the exhaust it unwrapped itself and i couldnt put it bak in and wen i went to put the exhaust bak in and started the scooter up the exhaust was leaking sumthing shocking so it was the gasket so i dunno if that was a restriction as well. so im going down to autobarn tomorrow and just getting a piece of gasket and making my own exhaust gasket so it doesnt leak anymore. hopefully once thats done it wont leak anymore and hopefully its not as restricted
  6. i ended up fixing the leak today, i bought this gasket stuff in a tube and it stands up to high temperatures. u just clean the end of the exhaust where that old gasket was and squeeze this gasket tube stuff on there and then fit the exhaust bak on. it takes about an hr to set and 24 hrs 4 it to fully cure. after an hr i started the scooter up and i couldnt hear any leaks at all and then i took it 4 a ride and let the exhaust get warm and theres still on leaks so that fixes that problem.
    as 4 the restriction side of things i think i would have to grind away the inside of the exhaust a bit to open it up a bit but i think ill just leave it the way it is
  7. Can anyone please tell me who in Adelaide would be able to take out my restrictor in my VMoto Milan?

    Thanks in advance
  8. 2 stokes heavily rely on the tuning of exhaust to function.

    Taking a restricter out is one thing, modifying the exhaust is completely different basket and could reduce your performance.