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Vmoto Milan JX50 service manual?

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by RatRide, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. hey everybody,

    just got a used JX50 off a friend and it is in need of some TLC and a major service. Anyone got a service manual or workshop manual?

    Have done a heap of searching web and forums and no success yet. Sent email to Vmoto but no reply yet...

    In the process of matt-blacking it and adding some decals to it. Looks pretty funny. he he

  2. Finally found one!

    Well after many weeks of searching, I've finally had success. I wrote Vmoto a number of times, but they simply don't write back. Then after watching 'Scrubs' one evening, I noticed that my Vmoto Milan is exactly the same as JD's scooter Sasha, which has a badge marked 'Venice' on it. After Googling 'venice scooter', I found that there is an American scooter brand called TNG. You can download the manual for this scooter, which appears identical in every way except the reflectors on the side of the wheel arches from :

    www dot tngscooters dot com [I can't post links yet!] You'll find them under parts/service.

    The model is the Venice, not the Venice LX, which looks a bit different. The 2006 manual is far superior to the 2007-8 manual, as it covers things in a lot more detail.

    Spread the word! Vmoto are poor at returning emails. This is how to sidestep them!

  3. Re: Finally found one!


    Spread the word! Vmoto are poor at returning emails. This is how to sidestep them!


    I sent vmoto an email on 21/1/08 asking about spare parts and got a reply on the same day!!- helpful it was too :grin:
  4. Re: Finally found one!

    hey, would u b able to email me the service manual, i tried getting it from that site but it didnt work 4 me. its aussie_turbo16m@hotmaildotcom
  5. VMoto Millan Service Manual - Yamaha J50RN

    Well it looks like the Yamaha J50RN is the same bike (or pretty bloody close). The forum I usually use has the full service manual for download:

    www dot scootercommunity dot com dot au/files/folders/yamaha/default.aspx

    You might have to register to download it (I don't know) But then I had to register here to let you guys know about this one.

    Hope that's a help