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Vmoto Horror Story

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by pommygit, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. Noticed there was another thread that asked if Vmoto was any good, the posts went a bit off topic so thought id start a new one with my horror story. I’m not very technically minded with bikes so sorry if some of my wording is wrong.

    I bought a Vmoto Milan 5 months ago straight after getting my learner permit. Was attracted to them mainly because of the cheap price and retro styling. Really wasn’t much on them as far as reviews so I knew I was taking a risk.

    Anyway it went great for the first month or so. Was as much as you could expect from a 50cc I suppose, top speed of about 65-70 (at a push).

    Had my first service and after that it just went down hill. Firstly the brakes started squeaking like mad and I mean like real noisy eardrum damaging squeaky. Was driving me mad. Then the engine started packing in. First to go was its performance. It just stopped going any faster than 55 and even down hill wouldn’t let it go. I tolerated this for another 2-3 weeks before I noticed oil was leaking when I had it garaged and at this point I had enough. I took it back to the vmoto dealer and they agreed to get a mechanic to have a look.

    With credit to them they gave me a demo model to drive around on. A few days later I got it back and after a short ride it became apparent that there was no difference. Still no faster than 55 and breaks were still squeaking.

    I went back and complained but they tried telling me it wasn’t meant to go any faster than 55 anyway so wouldn’t look at it again.

    I thought that was crap and wasn’t impressed but off I went and just tried to put up with it.

    This was on a Saturday and within a week it got worse. Now not only would it not go any faster than 55, but the engine started cutting out every time I came to a stand still. My patience was wearing thin but I took it back to them and again gave me a demo model for 4 days whilst they got it checked out again.

    I got it back and briefly it seemed ok.. it still had the issue with the speed but it wasn’t cutting out. However I did notice that they seemed to have messed with the throttle because when it was stationary and I released the break it would start crawling forward. This was good for about 2 days and then it started cutting out again AND now it was acting extremely sluggish when setting off from stationary. Ridiculously sluggish, id have to full throttle it just to get the thing moving. I rang them straight away and complained. The agreed to have a look FOR THE THIRD TIME!!

    So I got the demo scooter AGAIN for a few days whilst they "fixed it".

    Got it back and it seemed great, they even sorted out the speed issue (it now went to 70.. wuhooo!).

    Went great for 2 days before the cutting out started again and the sluggishness. By now I was fed up and had already been looking for something else. I tried to contact the dealer again to complain but got a voice message (conveniently).

    They never got back to me so clearly they'd had enough of me and I’d had enough of vmoto. A week later I got rid of the scooter and got myself my fantastic Hyosung GT250R (another newish company funnily enough, perhaps I haven’t yet learned my lesson :? )

    As a final twist to my horror story a week after I got my new bike I get a call from VMOTO head office in Victoria saying they had my details passed onto them and they called to say the issues I was having wasn’t covered under my warranty and that id have to take it somewhere else for repair!

    All this in 4 months of ownership! So anyone want to buy vmoto... good luck to you!
  2. Of course it was crap, its a scooter.

    How does the GT250R go?
  3. Here in Ballarat Vmotos are (or at least were) being sold by one of the local car dealers. If there's that much of a problem with them I'd hate the thought of having to keep taking it back to a car mechanic for servicing (not that I'd buy a scooter anyway).
  4. I think that if I were to purchase a scooter, I'd buy a Vespa.
    They have a reasonable track record.
  5. As Ive posted before somewhere in the forums you get what you pay for. The chineese made scoots are cheaper than the jap made stuff but the poor quality of the cheaper stuff leaves customers with the same experiance you have had.

    You cant beat anything with a Jap badge on the tank.
  6. You can if you can find a stick big enough :LOL: .
  7. Hi mf,

    Yes, I ride a Monster on a fairly regular basis. :)
  8. I think he has a point.

    If your going to buy a scooter, buy from a real manufacturer.

    Japanese: Yamaha/Honda/Suzuki

    Italian: Piaggio (and all the companies it owns- Vespa/Aprilia/Gilera)

    German: Sachs Madass, coolest scoot ever!

    French: Peugeot

    I don't who makes them, but I was impressed by the story in Scooter mag of the lady who rode around Aus on a Bolwell, so for a cheaper scoot they'd probally be decent.

    These bikes all cost a bit more, but for a damn good reason.

    If you buy from an unknown manufacturer it WILL be CRAP no exceptions
  9. hahahahahahhaa :LOL: a scooter rider that cant take a razzing? NEVER!! :shock:

    :p :p :p
  10. I'm not afraid of homoscootuals. I like to beat them off at the lights.

    ...Er, no, wait a minute, I didn't mean it like that.
  11. You saying they're one in the same? :LOL:
  12. i dont have anything against scooters persay but now that ive had both i definately prefer a bike mainly because I like having control of the gears, I think it gives you better control overall, although im sure there are those that would argue that manual gears is more of a hindrance.

    Still I miss being able to nip across to the shops on me little scooter. Now I gotta muck about getting the bike warmed and myself fully geared up. It comes at cost I suppose.

    Hey mf what does mf stand for anyway? and what do you ride?
  13. Yep, legit hero me, jocks on the outside and everything :grin:

    I ride...check just to the left and you will see.

    No real beef with scoots (they're not acrosses after all), just taking the mickey.
  14. hahahahahahahhahahaaaa :LOL: scootersexuals :LOL:

    but we all know that scooter riders arent real people, thats why they ride wee little 50cc thingees that real manly men ride for larfs. they're like a race of hobbits or something, maybe without the big feet. they seem to have a fascination with rings too :?

    in all seriousness mf, i would think the people with the biggest chip on their shoulder is the scooters riders. they react the best to this stuff, yes, even better than across riders (tho you could argue that the evolutionary gap between the two is minimal). so we have a joke, you cry foul, then we have a hoot egging it on. sling some mud back at us 'tallies' and have some fun yourself :wink:
  15. Don't you go calling me a scooter rider :p .
  16. tell me, why do you have to 'gear up' for the bike when you didn't have to for the scooter? are you really going that much faster? do you feel much safer on something whose image is the little metro cafehopper with an open face helmet and white 3/4 pants with a designer t-shirt over the rugged manly leathers and fullface helmet image bikes have?

    you can hurt yourself just as much on a pushy at 60kph as you can on a scooter or a motorbike. you shouldn't really have to gear up any more than you used to. and maybe the reason the old scoot shat itself is because you didn't like warming it up before a ride?

    points to ponder :wink:
  17. aha... i thought you were for real before, like you actually got cut about being a scooter rider or something. i keep forgetting that you scootersexuals must cop a lot of shit out there, doubtful you'd be scooter riders without a nice thick hobbit hide eh :wink:

    enjoy your latte sipper and ill keep adgusting my manly crotch while riding my manly bike. but i am 'relaxed' little hobbit friend, a manly man such as myself can be no other way. ughhh uhhh grrrr unngghh :grin:
  18. fair point although ive bought more and better gear since the scooter. Have you ever seen someone ride a little 50cc scooter with full race gear?

    I havent, although id love to see it. :LOL:

    Oh and another point. As Ive already stated im not very technically minded with bikes but correctly me if im wrong but little automatic scooters dont need warming up like a manual geared bikes. They certainly dont have chokes as far as im aware.
  19. Scuse' my newbieness,but do you really have to warm up newer 4 strokes eg post 1996.