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VMOTO - Any good?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by wiser, May 26, 2005.

  1. Hi all

    I am looking seriously at a Vmoto because of the value alone, but can't find any reviews or thoughts from those who have owned or ridden one .... is there anyone out there who can give me some advice? Very much appreciated!


  2. never heard of it... they got a website?

    [Homer, on test drive of the 1956 Volga]
    Homer: "What country does this car come from?"
    Crazy Vaclav: "Errr...it doesn't exist anymore!"
    Crazy Vaclav: "She'll go 300 hectares on a single tank of kerosene. ..."
    Crazy Vaclav: "Put it in H! Put it in H!"
  3. Hey wiser I don't know a huge amount about the Vmoto aside from they look ok.... BUT if you chase down the lastest issue of 'scooter' magazine they have a brief buyers view of all scoots in AUST... The latest issue is purple and #4... worth finding a copy to have a look through at least...
  4. Yeah I found the mag and it was pretty good, however the latest edition doesn't have anything on the Vmoto Monaco (the 125 cc which I am after as it has only recently been released), ... on the mag tho, what content it does have is all very positive stuff on EVERYTHING on the market - there is no critical analysis done on the goods!

  5. I haven't read much out of the back just the scoots I'm intrested in.... Sorry...

    Maybe give the english mags a go.... ('twist n go' is one of them)...

    Or you could give www.melbournescooter.org a whirl ask around if anybody has knowledge of the brand?
  6. that is utter crap. The motobella does NOT have a yamaha engine in it. It may have a replica of a Yamaha engine in it, or a copy of a Yamaha engine in it but it is certainly NOT a yamaha engine. If the importers of Motobella are making that claim i am sure that Yamaha would be very interested to know.

    And wasnt it the Motobella that had a product recall due to problems with the front end?
  7. Ha! :LOL: who are you to shoot your mouth off? I am the Service Manager for the importers, I went to China and arranged for the specification of the bikes, the engine is a Yamaha Jog engine that is made for Asian Yamaha's, I have seen the difference internally between the engines that we get in the Motobella's and other engines that were offered for the bike and comes fitted in similar bikes.

    There is no problem with the front end of the Motobella, quality, service, warranty and parts back up is all guaranteed by the importers 'Australian Motorcycle Importers'. Product recalls are distributors standing behind their products; isn't that a good thing?

    Who are you and where are you from to think you can anonymously spout off?
  8. Well, that would seem to be the end of that argument!! Pays to be careful, because behind the anonymity of a nickname may lie a person who actually can make you look a tad foolish, mr newcomer!
  9. In fact, if you keep your mouth shut, you may end up a little wiser!!!
  10. ding, ding , ding ....gates come down .....but wyred still rode out on too the tracks and was cleaned up by the johnny O express :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  11. Hasn't worked for me :wink: :LOL:
  12. Thanks for the support guys :)
  13. Dave, you're a separate case for consideration altogether; silence or age is unlikely to improve the situation, and in, what, 8 weeks time (?) you'll have plenty of chance to practice the former!!! :LOL:
  14. wyered made a fairly valid point in relation to the myriad of chinese bikes that are being 'unofficially' marketed as brand name bikes.

    Go to any monkeybike/fast50 dealer and the first claim that he/she will make is, it is identical to brand name xyz, in fact it's the very same engine.

    Just because it is a copy doesn't make it authentic.

    As far as the motobologne goes, I have no idea if it is a scooter that has it's engines supplied by Yamaha, or maybe it has engines that are sourced from a factory in China that also supplies cheap engines to yamaha so that they can make a cheap model scooter for the asian market, where a japanese yamaha would find it hard to compete price wise.

    I guess it is similar to deawoo cars being rebadged as bttom of the range Holdens, or korean mercedes benz cars, it's just marketing.
  15. thanks for the support. That was the point i am trying to make.

    There are very few scooters and off road vehicles coming out of China with engines supplied by the big manufacturers such as Honda or Yamaha and even fewer who are able to sell these or advertise these as such.

    I know of one importer in Melbourne who imported off road dirt bikes with supposed Suzuki engines in them from China. But when they arrived in Australia whether or not the engines were supplied by Suzuki international was irrelevant as they did not have the license to sell them as such.

    Like i said, i am sure that Yamaha would be interested to know that the Motobella and their importers claim to have a genuine Yamaha engine in their scooters.

    Vehicle Recall Search Results for Motobella (scooter) XSJ50

    Problem: Front brake stay arm bolts may be insecure
    Make: Motobella (scooter)
    Date Range:
    VIN Ranges:

    Defect: The bolts for the stay arm of the front brake may be insecure through over tensioning or lack of lubrication on the bushes.
    Consequences: If the stay arm was to become detached the front brake would become inoperative.
    Corrective action: Motobella dealers will fit longer bolts with nyloc securing nuts and will also apply waterproof grease to the bushes.
    Notif. Date: 7/07/2004
    DOTARS No.:
    Supplier Name: AMI
    Campaign No.: MBXSJ50
  17. whipcrack

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  18. I don't know if the engine is the same as a Japanese Yamaha, we agreed to pay $200 US more per bike for them to be fitted with an engine that is (they looked identical, right down to the Yamaha castings marks) the same as the Yamaha bikes being sold in Asia. The engines I saw being fitted did look like different from other engines on offer, the fact that we have never had any problems with any engines of the hundreds of bikes imported makes me think we made the right decision.

    I guess as a responsible importer, we try to import quality product into the coutntry and we have tried (and paid) to do so in this instance.

    For certain anonymous forumers to start slinging mud I don't think it is really fair, makes me think it's just jealous opposition importers :)
  19. Actually I mucked that zinger up, because the original poster was wyred, not wiser (who also posted). Never mind, it felt good at the time, and, apparently, the matter simmers on....... :roll: