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VIC VMC questions for politicians

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by twistngo, May 20, 2014.

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    VMC have just sent a letter to the political parties in Vic to try and get their responses to help riders decide who to vote for. Its at


    Hi-vis will be covered separately.

    The Survey: To address the concerns of all PTW riders, the VMC would like you to answer the following six questions which will help our members and motorcyclists make an informed voting decision:

    1. What policies will you propose to encourage motorcycle commuting?
    2. What is your party’s policy on motorcycle filtering? Will you support it? If not, why?
    3. Will your party support new regulations to establish Single Track Vehicle lanes for both bicycles and PTWs?
    4. What is your party’s policy on Powered Two Wheelers using bus lanes on the Eastern freeway and other suitable roadways?
    5. What is your party’s policy on the relaxation of solid white line prohibitions or to the provision of overtaking lanes on popular riding roads?
    6. Will your party support the establishment of a junior off road licence?
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  2. Lose the term PTW please.
  3. Politics is a numbers game...when the bastards listen at all, its only to the loudest voices or those who have the numbers to affect the pollies position on the gravy train.

    That said...125,000 motorcyclists or 250,000 PTW's....who has the louder voice ?
  4. Watching with interest
  5. @smee@smee, just wondering where you're coming from? Do you mean that scooters are motorcycles too (which, according to the law, they are)? Or are you excluding them?

    If you're including them, I agree with you: Why use another "TLA" to confuse people?

    If you're excluding them, I agree with @mike8863@mike8863: Politics is a numbers game, so double the numbers, increase the politicians' interest in taking notice of us by more than double. Besides, to a large extent, what's good for them is good for us.
  6. I'm not holding my breath for any good answers. When was the last time the Victorian government made logical decisions regarding motorcyclists?
  7. Hi,

    The plan is to publish the results by member/candidate on the VMC page. I will keep you posted as the replies come in.

    Jeremy Walton
    VMC Secretary.
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  8. Good timing. Early enough before the election to let them know that there's a good swag of votes to be won or lost by adopting policies that have little impact on finances.
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  9. I'm guessing the idea is to provide motorcycling voters with an idea of which party/candidate supports motorcycles and motorcycling.

    If so, I wish you luck. The vast majority of those 250,000 PWT licence holders couldn't give a rats arse about motorcycling issues when compared with say health or education.

    If they did you would have already seen mass non peaceful demonstrations down Spring Street.
  10. I think the idea is to impress upon politicians how they can get some votes at very little cost.
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  11. Jem, do you want to post up the conversation we had on PM?
  12. Hi Mick,

    Not really; while I have no issue with the members of the forum seeing it I do have concerns about who else that we do not know is reading it..........

    If you want to discuss give me a call. As my number is 0400 119 628. No issues with putting my number up it is available on the VMC site.
  13. That's alright. I think we are done with what we discussed.
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  14. I wouldn't be holding my breath for an answer to your questions any time soon.
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  15. Scooters are also motorbikes (little piddly ones). Yes, I detest the use of the term powered 2 wheelers. the average politician isn't really bright either and may not know what it is.
    Just call them what they are,motorcycles.
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  16. That may well be true. However sometimes who chooses to answer and who does not can give you some useful information.

    Cheers Jeremy
  17. PTW is a recognised inclusive term that the bureaucracy understands and covers powered two and three wheeler bikes.
  18. But shouldn't that be PTTW? That's an ETLA, not a TLA... ;)
  19. Bureaucracy maybe but not the average politician.
  20. Labor Motorcycle policies

    Luke A Donnellan MP, State Member for Narre Warren North, Shadow Minister for Roads, Road Safety and the TAC has responded to our questionaire on political party motorcycling policies.

    The VMC thanks Mr. Donnellan for replying to our questionaire and his committed support for Filtering and Bus Lanes

    "Victorian Labor believes that our roads should be enjoyed by all road users, be they motorists, motorcycle and scooter riders or cyclists. An important aspect of making our roads better for all users is appropriate legislation and adequate roads funding."