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Vmax info

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by sonicbaz, Dec 31, 2006.

  1. HI there - I was watching a vmax vid on youtube recently and was interested in finding out a bit more about them. Were they sold in Australia? Second hand ones look like they have been imported.

    Looking around they seem to be out of production which seems a shame.

  2. I'm pretty sure they were not officially sold in Australia, though there are a couple of them around.
    They've been out of production for a while, but Yamaha has been toying with the idea of bringing them back. In 2005 there was a concept shown, later Yamaha put up a website with a survey for potential new Vmax users: http://www.next-vmax.com ... the front page is still there, but I can't get past it.
    In short, there likely will be another Vmax, but no telling when; and when it comes, it will be likely aimed at the American market first and foremost, just like the original machine.

    Fro more detail and some pictures see this Raptors and Rockets page
  3. The Vmax was sold here officially between '95 and '99 - models sold after '93 had improved front forks and brakes. Many of those for sale however do seem to be grey imports and it's important to note that the Vmaxes sold in Japan and Europe didn't have the Vboost system (valves on the intake to the carbs which effectively double the intake flow) and are down around 30kw in power as a result. So as a result most grey import Vmaxes are actually sourced from the US. Given that the bike was first released around 1984 some grey imports may be getting on in years - I think the import mc centre are the only ones compliancing the more recent models (ie post 1989).
  4. I have 1998 Australian one. Full 145 horsepower. Ones without Vboost are about 100 horsepower. First release was 1985, only changes have been upgraded forks & brakes in 1993. They have been made every year bar one since 1985. In Europe it is a major cult thing. There are over 20 years of custom bits of any sort you can imagine avaliable for them...body kits, handling kits, blowers, big bore kits, NOS, major suspension & wheel changes. Unfortunately these come at a fair freight cost to Australia.

    A guy I ride with describes them as an engine with a back wheel! If you are a sports bike rider this is probably not the bike for you. If you want a collectable classic muscle bike then these are just the thing.

    For me it is an affordable bit of fun. Quite tractable for commuting in city traffic, a blast on straight roads, sounds great, nothing else looks like it.

    There are heaps of websites out there...even an Australian one http://www.vmaxclubaustralia.com/. Perhaps start your tour here http://www.v-max.com/ Vmax Owners Association.

  5. As I understand it, under new import rules there aren't going to be many places bringing V-Maxes in any more. Seems that fibre packed exhausts aren't allowed or something, so any newly complianced bikes would need new exhaust systems. So, if you want a brand new vmax, get one quick while they're still around! otherwise you'll need to go second hand. import motorcycle centre in slacks creek always has plenty of vmaxes.