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VIC VMAC is no longer

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by robsalvv, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. I'm not sure it's been officially announced yet, but the motorcycle grapevine has been pretty clearly shouting that VMAC has had it's last meeting. Vicroads is still showing the out of date official VMAC web page at present but I suspect this will change shortly.

    The VMAC was made up of 18 seats: 3 ministerial appointments, 1xMUARC, 1xRACV, 1xVACC, 1xFCAI, 1xTAC, 2xVicRoads, 1xVicPol, 1xRTO, 1xCommunity group and 5xRidergroups.

    October 2010 committee:
    Neil O'Keefe (Chairperson) - Ministerial appointment
    Hollie Black - Australian Scooter Federation
    Samantha Cockfield - Transport Accident Commission
    Mark Collins - HART/Honda
    Bruce Corben - Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC)
    Cameron Cuthill - Ministerial appointment
    Peter Daly - Royal Automobile Club of Victoria
    Peter Dunphy - Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce
    Tony Ellis - Motorcycle Riders Association of Australia
    Robert Freemantle - VicRoads
    Rhys Griffiths - Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries
    Detlef Lamp - Victorian Motorcycle Council
    Deputy Commissioner Ken Lay - Victoria Police
    Andrew Luck - Ulysses Club
    David Shelton - VicRoads
    Rob Smith - Ministerial appointment
    Moira Stewart - Women's International Motorcycle Association
    Wendy Taylor - RoadSafe Victoria

    It's terms of reference is here

    The government will be calling for submissions on the make up and format of a NEW ministerial motorcycle advisory group.

    Throw around your ideas in this thread about what the new group and it's terms of reference should look like.

  2. No muarc
    No racv
    A useful person from the TAC
    A useful person from VIC roads
    riders groups especially from the new vmc advocacy group when it's all settled.
    The majority stakeholders being from riders groups.
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  3. it should at least include TonyE
  4. What now you want a MRA person to represntyou surely not make up your mind guys
  5. As usual people open mouths without engaging the mouth / brain interface.
    (Or checking that the post is legible and follows the basic rules of sentence construction.)

    The MRA (as agreed by the recent meeting) will be from now on, a social club, that SUPPORTS other organisations who conduct LOBBYING but DOES NOT lobby / engage in these activities DIRECTLY themselves.

    Therefore having an MRA rep on an organisation such as this, fulfills all the above criteria exactly and is well within the (new) agreed charter.

    I've capitalised all the important words to make it easy to understand.

  6. Deliberate trolling will earn you a ban for a while.
    I don't believe you are a stupid man so it must be trolling.
    Consider this a warning to behave whilst on these forums and not troll or deliberately bait.
  7. fidel, check out the list of usernames here at Netrider, especially the mods

    TonyE is a highly-respected person here, and his input on any subject is valued; added to which he's probably forgotten more about the political aspects of motorcycling and transport in general that you will know in a lifetime.......
  8. Fidel, you truly are a dunce.

    I expect that the new ministerial advisory body will have more seats for motorcycle clubs, which I'd expect one would be for the MRA given their position in the scene. I wholly second TonyE nomination.

    I also think it's absolutely critical that dirt / off road is represented on the committee. Is there an association of dirt riders or similar?
  9. Oh give it a rest, it's just one person's opinion, and he's in NSW. Get a grip FFS.

    TonyE holds other positions that would qualify him for a seat on the new group irrespective of the MRAV. You don't have a clue and you don't need to prove it anymore, we get the idea.

    I'm not sure why you wouldn't wait for an official announcement Rob. Help me out here.
  10. Another vote for TonyE from me. He knows his shit. Besides, being an even older fart than me lends his opinions some gravitas :D.
  11. I don't have anything personal against Tony Ellis, but I don't know if being highly respected on an internet forum is a good claim to fame.
    Oi Smee, Fidel is Dale Maggs isn't he?
  12. Yes he is
  13. Let's leave the character assassinations out of this thread folks please, I'll be watching.
  14. What a cack! And nah, no character assasination here. TonyE makes dad jokes occassionally, I like that.
  15. It's not a secret, the word is out, I'm interested in people's views and I want to get people thinking.
  16. Tony E was the MRAV VMAC representative. He is also the Ulysses club National Road Safety Victorian Representative and brings much experience and perspective. The MRAV will endorse his candidacy for the new advisory group.

    Considering the timing of many of these historical changes I'm sure the wise among you have been joining the dots on what is happening. It's called unity, and it's about time.
  17. If not possibly a bit late.

    Although, given you have new government and now a new begining and structure for the 'peak body', it might just lead to something good happening.
  18. Quoted for truth. =D>
  19. Release the hounds
  20. Thank you for that vote of confidence, now I'm really worried :)

    I posted something about the VMAC changes a little while back (I CBF looking it up).

    There's not a lot of information as yet. Basically the new group will probably be chaired by VicRoads and sometime in the next month or so there will be calls for organisations to look at nominating people. I don't know if there will be the possibility for individuals to be appointed.

    That would be a pity because the specific Ministerial appointments last time were all very good ones - Prof Marcus Wigan as an independent academic (till he resigned), Rob Smith (who's now with MA) and Cam Cuthill from BMW.

    Thanks boy.racer, at least someone appreciates bad jokes :)