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VIC VMAC initiatves coming to fruition

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by TonyE, Nov 21, 2008.

  1. The first of several major projects to come out of VMAC over the next few months went to tender yesterday.

    VicRoads is seeking tenders from appropriately experienced providers, with suitably skilled personnel to develop, pilot and conduct a large-scale trial of an on-road assisted ride program for motorcycle riders. Information on the required contractor expertise and experience is contained in the tender document. The successful tenderer will be selected on the basis of the information provided in the tender process.

    The assisted rides programme has grown out of the Yarra Ranges assisted rides and the trial aims to put around 2000 riders through this programme. It's hoped that a programme aimed at scooters will be developed as well.

    As well as the instruction component, there is a research component to assess the efficacy of on-road training of this type and to look at the best ways to improve it. If the trial is successful then we expect a longer term on-road training project will be established.

    The Victorian Motorcycle Safety and Transport Strategy 2008-2013 is also coming together. We have a meeting next week of the VMAC sub-committee who have been working with it and then it should go to the Minister.

    While we can't reveal details till it is completely sorted and is signed off, I can say that it covers a very broad range of issues and if what is proposed so far is any indication, it will go way beyond any Australian initiatives in its breadth of coverage of powered two wheeler issues. In fact, it will comfortably stand comparison with any international strategy.

    While there are still details to be ironed out, the VMAC rider and industry members are very positive about the contents. It specifically recognises that Powered Two Wheelers have a legitimate role to play in Victoria's transport mix and speaks about the potential environmental and congestion benefits and advantages that Powered Two Wheelers offer as part of an integrated transport system .

    I'm particularly pleased as many of the topics I've put forward over the past few years are likely to be addressed in the final outcomes. In fact, it probably exceeds my expectations .