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VMAC Chairman’s communiqué from meeting of 14th August 20

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jdkarmch, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. Hot off the press:

  2. Thanks JD, is the Fatalities and Serious Injuries Report available for veiwing by the public.
  3. I'm not sure. I'll try to find out.

    You can see a similar report on the TAC site.
  4. No worries will try there, thanks.
  5. I have asked Tony Ellis to chase it up. So he will probably give a response.
  6. I'll follow up about the Fatalities and Serious Injuries Report to see if it can be made available, however it's only available in hard copy and it's fairly large so I'll need to scan it when I have time.

    Some further explanations on the communique.

    The blackspot and blacklength projects listed will be carried out over the next couple of years. There was a lot of debate about these and not all of the proposals get up. The road treatments that do get up need a very convincing case that they will be of direct benefit to motorcycles.

    The Driver Attitude study was specifically requested by the Minister. It should be something of a first as it will look at attitudes and how awareness is influenced by this. Ultimately it may give some clues as to changing driver attitudes and making them more aware.

    Communication Strategy is aimed at overcoming the poor communications about what is actually being done. The communique is a start but there really needs to be a lot more information about some of the projects. Hopefully this will get that information out there.

    Graduated Licensing System is very early days - this study will look at the whole issue of training and licencing to see what are the best methods. It could mean more/better training, it could mean a log book (like learner car drivers) to ensure learners really are getting some real experience etc. At the moment there's absolutely nothing decided and nothing ruled out.

    There are still more projects under consideration and some good ideas.
    One thing which slipped by is the proposal that Victoria support the removal of GST from motorcycle safety gear. I also spoke directly to the Minister about it and he promised to ensure Treasury included that in the Victorian Government submission about changes to the taxation system.

    There was also a proposal which is still on the table that some sort of a rebate system for protective gear be looked at. That will need to be taken further in future meetings, but one idea which came up was the possibility of a voucher for further training. This is a long term thing though as even if it was approved the administration of it would need a lot of sorting out.

    JK and I met with the Minister yesterday and had some pretty positive responses. Especially around road space issues. I'll post up more on this at a later date when I get time. I also have a meeting on Tuesday with the Minister's office to discuss the submission we put in re the East-West Eddington stuff. That got a really positive response so far.

    Available at: