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Vlogs alive! Review of the Drift Ghost & Camzilla

Discussion in 'Video Logging' started by taymaishu, Nov 21, 2013.

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    Evening all.

    First vlog went online overnight. Bit of a test run to get things sorted out (need to fix up quality issues as the format i'm uploading in isn't helping at all considering i'm filming in 1080p).

    To kick things off, I review the Drift HD Ghost vs GoPro, my experience with the guys at Camzilla and also capture a scooter v pedestrian 'incident'.

    Be warned - vlogger frequently swears.

    I'll be uploading 1-2 vlogs a week so subscribe and stay tuned. Honest feedback always welcome.

    First vlog - be nice :)

  2. Needs more punchy bloke attacking you.
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  3. What, no upskirts? ripped off

  4. Sorry mate. The coppers at Central Station caught me a while back.
  5. Might be silly question, but at the end you took your hand off the throttle to turn the vid off.

    Is the remote mounted on you left arm?

    Would it not make more sense on your right arm? On the "bars"?

  6. In that vid I didn't have the remote charged. They gave me a new one, quickly paired it and that was that. In the other videos the remote is generally used.
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