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VladTepes says Hi !

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by VladTepes, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. G'day everyone.

    Years ago I had a CD250
    in those lovely Norton colours, which I quite enjoyed but as it just couldn't keep up with my mate's Ducati (not in this universe) I had plants for a Pantah and a Guzzi California.

    Then met my (now) wife etc you know how it goes.

    Anyway I still dream of getting another bike.

    I'm a bigt fan of Moto Guzzis and have always wanted a California.

    A mate of mine recently bought a Triumph Thruxton and modded it even more - its now a real cafe racer !

    Then I saw a Guzzi V7 cafe and am quite intrigued by that....
    Hmm where to get $15K ?

    I like the look of this too
    but suspect the Guzzi purists would disapprove of any such fettling to a Le Mans III.

    My Dream Bike ? (money no object) a Ducati green frame 750SS. Nice.

    What else am I into ?
    4wd'ing and hunting. So yes I stay poor most of the time !

    Cheers everyone !
  2. Welcome, good to see you are finally able to post, love the pics, and, yes, who wouldn't want a green-frame SS??
  3. welcome!!
  4. Hi Vlad,

    Yeah, I like your tastes in those bikes. The best one is the Guzzi V7 I reckon.

    Welcome to the forummm