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Vlad's GSX1400

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by VladTepes, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Well I went down to the Gold Coast Hinterland today to pick up the new bike !

    Here she is in all her glory...




    and how sexy is the carbon "can" ...

    Custom made seat, after market springs...

    Yep, she's a beauty alright...

    Tell me about her, you say? Alright then....

    She's a K7 first reg in Jan 08 and has 67,000 kms on the clock, 1 owner from new (I am the second owner) and it came with a full service history with receipts.

    Mods include:

    Full Carbon Akrapovic system
    K&N air filter
    GI Pro Gear Indicator
    Ignition Advancer
    Min Led Indicators
    Stainless Org cooler cover
    Custom Seat (by John Moorehouse in Brisbane)
    Michelin Pr2's
    Iridium plugs
    Braided Front, Rear & Clutch Lines
    Progressive Front Springs
    Givi Box & Rack

    So yeah, plenty of fruit.

    and on the way home (or more technically to work)

    The full photo album is here http://rides.webshots.com/album/581739506UNGYGd

    So that's the bike. As for the new owner, he's a ******** because tonight he dropped it in his driveway. D'Oh ! Grumble etc. A few bits to fix....
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  2. firstly, congrats on the new steed and commisarations on the first and only drop!!!
    she looks a beauty nice color scheme, and would think that there'd be a nice growl to her. envious.
    enjoy and try n ride without a smile on your face, I dare you lol
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  3. Beautiful bike...
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  4. Yep while the aesthetic damage is annoying the riding is still great !

    :D <-- permagrin.
  5. NICEEEEE!!!!! I love it mate, great all round bike!
  6. nice! love the idea of these and the few people ive met riding one, love it!

    dont worry bout the 'love' marks to much, you can fix them anytime!
  7. Yep.
    I think I'm going to have to go back to bike school though because while I can remember how to do all the boring stuff, I have no idea of the limits of the bike but I do know my talent is limited. I need more confidence in tackling curves/corners.

    Once I get some tips then its plenty of practice required ! (well, thats my excuse anyway)
  8. One of my favourite bikes of all time. Enjoy her to the max, you lucky bastard :D
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  9. Yes, lovely bike. Congratulations.

    Without admitting anything, or conceding anything ... I sympathise. [cough.]
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  10. Make sure to really put you toes on the pegs when going for it in corners, otherwise it's a good boot scratcher (try typing scr a p e r without the spaces and see what happens) :) Watch out for the front end feeling light under heavy acceleration or enjoy it like I do (y)
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  11. With decent tyres it will happily grind engine mounts and its side stand. It will learn, you just have to trust it.
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  12. mate she's a beauty
    I would love something like that as a road-only bike
    then again an extra set of wheels and a few engine upgrades on my DR650 would be cheaper... hmm, decisions, decisions...
    oh wait I have no money :p
    I will have to look John Moorehouse up if the seat concepts kit I'm going to get turns out to be no good for me.
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  13. Im still loving it !
  14. it looks superb condition
  15. Ok so I've not found the need to make any mods (well, I just ordered some more subtle mirrors, but aside from that) as it was pretty much kitted out when I bought it.

    Did a run on some back roads the other day - two up and with a givi topbox nd tankbag. Got $2.00 for my efforts. Not bad for a flying brick.
  16. When on a long trip on mine, I found 2-up, saddle bags, top box + tank bag, best fuel economy was at about $1.45, and it cruises happily at $2.10, pulling to $2.50 easy enough if you want to.
  17. Love these big UJM style bikes. The GSX1400s in the blue and white look especially good, though in black it's nice too.
  18. I tend to use the 1400 on the commute during peak times, which aren't that bad in Canberra. Even normal legal speeds, the acceleration is \\:D/ I like my torque monsters!!
  19. Looks immacualte. I'm a big fan of these styles of bikes. (y)

    They never go out of style. :)
  20. Thanks all for your comments.

    Yeah I reckon she's got more in her for sure, but there are precious few places I'm prepared to wind it out that far - either for safety (possible side road car drivers) or licence loss worries. I need my licence for work and already have a "few" LOL points up.