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Vlad says gays are ok.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mcsenna, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. Good old Vladimir Putin reckons gays are welcome at the winter olympics as long as they stay away from the children.....only in Russia.
    Suppose gay marriage is out of the question then Vlad ?

  2. Russia has its own set of Vlad laws.
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  3. It's frightening how supposedly civilized cultures can be so backward and plain wrong.
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  4. who ever said qld was civilized?
  5. Boom tish!
  6. Hey Blabbs, how they hanging old son ?
  7. It's frightening how a supposedly subjective morality can be so objectively applied and blindly authoritarian.

    If anyone remembers Bern, she absolutely thought we were disgusting human beings and thought of her as sexual meat and urged all other females on this site to break the yolk of patriachal domination that encumbers motorcycling. How are you any different?
  8. Hehe very succinctly put.
  9. What about the kittens?

    We have speed cameras to protect them in Australia, what does Russia have???
  10. [​IMG]
    pot holes
  11. Are you saying that anybody who doesn't support homosexuality, or homosexual marriage is uncivilised? Doesn't this make you just as bad as those you're condemning?

    Since when has Russia been civilised?
    We talk about how bad Hitler was, but Russia (& Japan) mass gangra.ped the women they hatred. We're talking about entire towns being gangra.ped. And Russia has never advanced from this state.
  12. My entire point was that Putin, like many people, believe that all homosexual people are pedaphiles or will "infect" people with their gayness. It's simply not true.
  13. Why do you think that Putin's public position on anything reflects what he actually believes?
  14. Vlad is a closet capitalist. I wonder what his views are on marriage between scooter riders.
  15. Only if they are female and wear short skirts.