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VL800 Suzuki Volusia Intruder

Discussion in 'Archived' started by mav, Sep 10, 2012.

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  1. *** I have to now advise that this bike is a repairable write off. PPRS records indicate that the incident involved occured in QLD in 2008 ***

    I did not do a REVS check before I bought this bike, only a finance / rego check. I found out last night (08/10/12) when i had a buyer come to see the bike, and he did a REVS check, of this new information. I am not happy about this, but it is still for sale if anyone is interested.

    Sadly, for sale.

    - NEW fully adjustable Memphis Demonshield tinted windshield with chrome fittings
    - rider's backrest (pictured)
    - pillion seat
    - pillion's backrest
    - rear bag rack
    - fender bag rack (pictured)
    - radiator guard / cover

    - 800cc V-Twin, shaft drive
    - Fuel gauge (digital)
    - Two trip meters (digital)
    - Clock (digital)
    - Full face speedometer
    - stock pipe
    - rare original two tone paint, blue / black (not faded)
    - two keys
    - lockable tool kit compartment (comes with suzuki tool kit)

    Bike comes with 4 months rego, fully treaded tyres, clear ownership title, no drops / accidents. 70,XXX kms. Perfect mechanical / electrical condition i.e. everything works.

    Parked in garage at work and at home.


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  2. more pics

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  3. Dude you just bought it!! whats going on?
  4. reckon

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  5. bought a place up the coast last month...the Thundercat would've fit in the garage with the car

    however, took the bike up this last weekend for the first time and discovered the cruiser does not fit in garage with the car, and there's nowhere else to park it


    steep driveway with steep alleyway access and a too narrow gate for the backyard.

    need to get something skinnier that will get me to work in Sydney and back everyday...

    haven't finished painting and shit yet, was gonna invite youse up for a bbq when we was ready.
  6. central coast, where abouts, damn mate that's a pretty big move, what made you go there?

    By the way people, Theres a bike for sale here :)
  7. Yeah what he said!!
  8. Affordability. Sydney is too damn expensive to buy and the fishing is crap :D

    Bought a place in Wyoming, north east suburb of Gosford.

    So yeah, beaut bike up for grabs.
  9. Widen the gate...
  10. Nooo....are whats your new bike gonna be Mav?

    Good motorbike roads up there and shit public transport...............that sounds like a good recipie for a motorbike rider. You cant be bike less for long id assume :)
  11. I would, but it has to go through strata approval.

    Unfortunately, I can't touch it.
  12. Wasn't it like that when you moved in? ;)
  13. yes but i had a different bike which wouldn't have been a problem...then.

    I wasn't thinking about the new place when I bought this one, too excited. not enough blood in my veins to think clearly when i'm gee'd up.
  14. It parks the car out on the street, or it gets the hose again.

    Sheesh, get your priorities right man!
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  15. Nah, I meant put in a wider or double gate and tell them it was like that when you moved in. :D
  16. Still a bike for sale here if others haven't noticed yet :D
  17. Junior needs the car or i'd sell it and make her get her own bike again.
  18. price adj
  19. Come on Finn.......Mav is an innocent guy, he doesnt do any of those dodgy stuff lol. I knew what you mean straight away though ;)
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