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VL250 oil level

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by NathansIntruder, Nov 19, 2015.

  1. hi guys, i have a suzuki vl250 intruder, doing an oil change, on the side of the crankcase it says 1800ml but i have put this much in and it is way over the level sight guage on the side. anyone know how much i should be putting in?
    Thanks nathan

  2. Have u run it ? Or did u just pour it in and check it. I would check level after u have idled it for a few minutes
  3. 1.8 litres sounds far too much of a quarter litre bike?
  4. i did run it and idle it, cant see the level, what does the 1800ml on the side mean?
  5. Dunno, certainly sounds like oil capacity doesn't it, I have done some googling but no definitive answer. I would let it sit overnight then check, oil may be still draining down.
  6. Are you sighting whilst the bike is vertical, or on its side stand? I'd assume its supposed to be vertical. Certainly is on my CB400

    And I'm confused. Your first post says its too high, later you say you cant see the oil at all, or you mean you can't see the top of the oil level?
  7. Did you replace the filter at the same time?
    Often you need to fill the oil to the top of the max mark on the sight window, start the bike for 30 seconds to fill the filter then topup again.
  8. Thanks everyone, the problem was that it needed 1900ml because I changed the filter, 1800mls was below the low line. Bennys spec sheet helped heaps.
    Thanks again!
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