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Vivid 2013

Discussion in 'Non-Bikes' started by VTRBob, May 28, 2013.

  1. After three 75+ hr weeks I finally got some time to myself, Deb had a 'Girls' only harbour cruise so I went for a walk with tripod and camera. Not too bad for a 1st time I recon :)


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  2. That's some nice shots mate!!
  3. Vivid colours alright! Very nice :D
  4. I swear earth hour is just to save energy for vivid! lol
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  5. Nice pics. The gf and I went last Friday. Bucketed rain. Will go again before it ends.
  6. Great pics! Bummed that I missed the cruise liner all lit up. My wife and I went tonight. Lots of interactive stuff for the kids (not mine) to play on, which was nice to see. If anyone else is planning on going, there are a few displays hidden around the other side of the Pylon from Circular Quay that I don't think were there last time and are easy to miss.
  7. I went tonight. Pretty cool stuff.

    Great pics!

    You should check out the water symphony they are doing at Darling Harbour.