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VIV Inspections

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by rdkls, Oct 13, 2009.

  1. I have 2 friends about to get these done, so will no doubt learn through them as well.
    but how strict are these?

    One one hand - I've heard you need to document, receipt, photograph everything, all replacement parts must be new etc i.e. anal

    On the other - found a post on this forum where a shop received a bike straight after approval with some pretty big flaws i.e. slack

    I remember a post by troy at MCR about his new digital frame measurement machine, where he said the vicroads guys don't even have one - so I assume they'd be making manual measurements/piece of string/by eye?

    Please only people who've been through the experience (no speculation), thanks
  2. All a game of chance IMHO.
    Would you trust a dentist to inspect and evaluate your spine?
    VIV Licences were initially under the control of the VACC before Vic Roads took over. They were issued to VACC members ( Mechanics with an RWC Licence ).
    Yep .. they sit a short ' Vehicle Structural Awareness' course and all of a sudden they are in a position to evaluate & reject structural repairs & measurements that have been previously performed & approved by long term Reputable Repairers who use state of the art measuring equipment & jigs.
    Which raises the question ... how many motorcycles do you think your local Kmart Auto/Ultra tune have repaired? ... more likely NONE. Yet that's where you'll be heading for you VIV.
    The system is flawed.
    Good Luck
  3. Yeah I read about that "reform".
    OK so you're saying the guys doing it thesedays are less experienced ...... which for someone wanting to put a bike back on the road is a GOOD thing ......
    (for the record the sort of thing I'm concerned about is "subframe out 1mm" not "hairline crack in stem")
  4. Not quite .. what I'm saying is the guys that have always been doing it, never really ever had the experience to do so. In my opinion, it has been given to the wrong branch of the industry.
    Oh .. I doubt they'd ever pick up a subframe on a bike that's out 1mm.
  5. Unless you are buying the bike so cheap it's not funny I wouldn't bother buying an insurance write off and repairing it...

    The hassles and associated costs of getting a VIV and then the rooted resale value due to the bike being listed as an insurance write off just isn't worth it, if you have no intention of selling this may not be an issue for you but when the difference is in price is only maybe 2k between one with a clear title and one thats been listed as a write off I know which I would choose.
  6. VIV's are more about checking that replaced parts are legitimate not whether or not a subframe might be out by 5mm or whatever. VIV is "Vehicle Identity Validation", it is not a RWC or safety thing. It IS a blatant rip off by Vicroads.

    I've seen about 10-15 bikes go through this process. Depending on where Vicroads sends you, depends on the level of detail required.

    Essentially Vicroads have a database that lists the damaged parts (if it's a repairable write off) of the bike/car.

    For example. A bike may have rear ended someone, vicroads would have forks, headlight, front fairing and dash listed as damaged. You then need to produce recepts for all of these parts, whether or not you bought them (new / second hand) or repaired them. If you repair them yourself, you need pictures taken along the way to show that you did the work. If you buy secondhand parts from someone, you need a receipt with their license number on it to say you bought the parts. New parts need an invoice. Recently they have started to accept fleabay receipts as well. Anything that proves you didn't steal any parts to fix the bike.

    The worst thing is, you dont know what Vicroads has listed on their database. If you get a a%$hole mechanic he will fail it on the spot (for something as small as not having a receipt for a indicator (true story) ) and you have to book it in again and pay another $400+ and gst.

    Good luck with it rdkls.
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  7. Thanks Tim, very useful.

    Keith agreed.
    What do you think having the write-off on the record knocks off the value?
    I would guess 20% or so (i.e. $2k off a $10k bike)
  8. It really depends on what the market wants to pay, but for me to consider it the bike would have be 30 percent or more cheaper:D
  9. How about using 3rd-party vs original parts?
    Do they care about that?
  10. From my expiriance quite the opposite regarding fleabay... I had the actual adds printed as I saw it them first time.. I had a screen dumps of me winning the biding... I had recaipts from Pay pal etc etc.. I was told that they will no longer accept any thing bought on ebay and that they consider any thing bought on any internet site where you can print your own receipt a fraud...

    Still they passed it and VicRoads did not even looked therough the whole pile of receipts...

    As for repairs.. DO as much as you can, they can knock the bike back if it is not finished, it might have passed the RWC check but a scratch might fail it.. They will argue that you have stolen parts at home wating to be put on the bike..

    If the register lists damage to the frame than you might need an engeeners raport as well.. all depends what and how they have listed it... Most of bikes get stat write off if the assesor lists that the frame needs to be replaced if it is listed it needs repair than you need a receipts for the repairs..

    The whole system has been designed to make it difficult for people to put wreaten off cars back on the road... As a by product motorcycles get lost in the paper work.. not all the assesors know what they are doing or even have motorcycle licence...
  11. hey just recently bought a cbr125 off a mate of mine for $1600, had been declared a rep write off by the insurance company becuase of minor damage.( the previous owner fell off it) had broken fairings, rh mirror, rh foot peg plate and some minor scratches on the exhaust but none on the frame or anything. my mate replaced the fairings when i bought it do i need his receipts or could i just say thats how i got it when i bought it? i still have yet to replace the master cylinder to attach the mirror and buy a new mirror to replace the one that was damaged.
  12. You will need receipts for everything that had been replaced since the insurance company assessment.
  13. One thing my mate wasn't expecting, I'm not sure if they all insist on this (looks like a bit of "luck of the draw")
    was having the frame stamped with VIN, as opposed to just on the metal plate
    Apparently there are places around which do it for ~$25
  14. Tim, and others that have posted here, could you give me some advice on my situation?

    If it really looks like just $500 to get this all sorted, I'll be ok, but some of the horror stories out there have made me paranoid. I just took my bike to the OFFICIAL Aprilia dealership, and all he could say was "you might have a leaking front fork seal". He couldn't even pick it was a write-off, even after I told him, all he could say was "there must be a reason for writing off the bike"

    Mainly I'm worried about the paperwork, what's the difference between proof of purchase and proof of ownership?

    It's just such an unpleasant process.
  15. Had one done last year, wasn't that bad.

    Needed a police signed receipt from the previous owner and a police signed mechanics receipt for repairs
    Needed receipts for everything I did to the bike
    I was missing a lot of receipts so I said "The last owner did so and so and I don't have his papers" which got me off the hook

    They'll try and get you on non-rwc items. You'll need to argue that an engine cover scratch isn't reason to fail the bike.
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  16. Thanks whitey, So you'd recommend getting my RWC BEFORE I go for my VIV?
    And what's a "police signed receipt"
  17. I can't remember the exact name of it. But I had to have the receipt signed by an officer at the police station. I suppose to make it 'official' or something.