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VIV Inspections are a National Rort!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by deafwish, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. I bought a damaged Z1000 about 2 years ago & had a VIV Inspection to prove the repairs were legitimate (no stolen parts) and the standard of repair was satisfactory. The bike passed with flying colours.
    Some 2 weeks ago, I sold my bike to a mate in Adelaide who had planned to simply have the rego transferred to SA plates.
    As the WOVR (Written Off Vehicle Register) is a national register, the SA Licensing Centre can see that the bike was once a repairable write-off.
    I supplied the new owner with ALL the VIV documentation from when it passed in Victoria but SA require him to pay the $800+ for another VIV inspection.
    To quote one of the SA Inspectors "That Vic VIV Is not worth the piece of paper it's written on!"
    If it has been proven that the bike has not used stolen parts & it has been repaired to a high standard, why are they cashing in on another report?

    For a national WOVR database, it's p1ss poor that it's not backed up, nationally.

    Another poorly thought-out revenue raising scheme by our Govenrnment.



  2. did your mate end up paying it again? or reported it
  3. The bike is no longer mine, so the new owner has that responsibility.
    Regardless on who has to pay, it is very poor form. :evil:
  4. Oh my god, your saying an interstate process between state government departments is inherently redundant? Stop the press.
  5. The whole system is a joke.

    We had a Ducati 800 in our shop not long ago that was delivered direct from the VIV issuing agent.

    Both clipons bent and touching the tank, front wheel and steering misaligned, LHF brake disc warped enough to jam in the caliper when spinning...
  6. Yeah. It's not good. I guess it's always buyer beware mm?