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VIV Inspection in Victoria

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Ossey55, Apr 13, 2015.

  1. Hi all,

    I have bought a bike that is classified as a repairable write off and it needs to have a roadworthy Certificate and be inspected (a VIV inspection) before it can be re-registered.
    Can anyone tell me what is involved in a VIV inspection and what they would look for or at?
    Repairs have been made except for a dented fuel tank and a few minor cosmetic defects such as scrape marks on the indicators. Everything functions as per normal though.
    Hope someone can assist please.
  2. They look at everything. Mate had a repairable write off with fairing damage, they wanted receipts of when the new fairings were bought. Just imagine them as a RWC place but heaps stricter. So if you bought anything to repair your bike, make sure you kept receipts.
  3. Double post..
  4. You must provide a work diary of everything that was done to the bike including before, during and after repairs
    It also must be taken back to pre-accident condition, so those minors marks must be repaired. Yes, I know some of it can be wear and tear, but they have to be fixed.
    Any replacement parts must have a receipt, if it's a used part the receipt must have the VIN from the donor bike.
    The bike must be 100% stock, no aftermarket exhausts etc.
  5. Man, do they really go that far?? Even cosmetic damage would need repair in that case.
    I guess that they are comparing my repairs to what the Insurance Co. repairs would have been had the bike been fixed.
    I have the front guard and tank in getting dents out and resprayed with decals to go on shortly. But I also have a mirror with a minor rub/graze/scratch at the top - do you think it will need replacement?
    Ahhh well. I will make a diary and take lots of photos and keep all records. The comment about the VIN for secondhand parts might get difficult as some wreckers buy and sell to each other before on selling the item to the final customer.
    Extraordinarily tough requirements but understandable I guess.
  6. If it's just a graze, sand it down and put a kick of paint on it. She'll be right
  7. Thx miks. I'll do that - plus a bit more 'tidying up" with the wet and dry and spray can!!!
    Hopefully they won't be TOO picky!! Govt agencies though, so you never know!!
  8. They aren't government agencies, they are independent workshops.
    There is one place in Rowville that are know to be very unreasonable, if they send you there you're in all sorts of shit.
    And yes, EVERYTHING needs to be repaired and VIN's must be supplied with used parts.
  9. Buy new parts from China online, Then you will have receipts and normally cheaper than second hand parts which may be damaged any way,
  10. Thx deadman and cazzo.
    OK. I wasn't aware that they had 'outsourced" the inspections to private workshops. I imagine that would create a lot of inconsistencies in assessing the vehicles.This is a real learning curve of the sharp variety.
    Do you have any say in where they can send you for an inspection as my son lives in Ballarat and I know there is a VIV inspection station there I thought that given this is also where the bike will be after I finish the repairs, it would go there. Does anyone have any experience with the Ballarat workshop?
  11. I can't figure why Vicroads doesn't make the details on the insurance report as to why the bike was classified as a WORV available to the purchaser.
    That way anyone buying a WOVR bike would know exactly what is required to be repaired and replaced so the bike can be re-registered.
    Hate to be cynical, but it sounds like a bit of a money grab to me by Vicroads requiring that you have to go through a VIV "blind" when the VIV inspectors have the specific information we need supplied to them so they can potentially fail you for something you didn't know about!!!
  12. It's a huge money grab!

    Allocation is done via your postcode, in saying that you wont necessarily be sent to the closest VIV inspector.

  15. Got to get used to using this site