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VIV certificate needed?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Speeedy, Jan 8, 2016.

  1. Hey guys I picked up a k5 GSXR 1000 and need to get a VIV. The owner I bought it off did a awesome job of fixing it, only minor damage like front fairing, duct, side mirror. He had given me receipts and photos for everything he swapped but I rang the VIV phone line and they said I have to go to thomastown and the earliest I can get in is 9th of February. Does anyone know of anywhere I can take it to, to get it sooner ? Or since they booked me in do I have to take it there ?

  2. Hey buddy great bike.
    Unfortunately your at VicRoads mercey as they will tell you which one to go to .
  3. I hateeeeeee VicRoads Why can't I just go get the rwc tommorow, show them the receipts and photos and be done with it. I'm gonna write a letter.
  4. Unfortunately VicRoads likes to make things hard mate.
    With the viv they will go over the bike with a fine tooth comb.

    What's a viv worth these days 500+?? Then you need to pay for a rwc on top of that.
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  5. Umm VIV comes to $494 then my rwc is $135 then the stupid VicRoads appointment fee of $40 whatever then lastly $600 something for the rego. Why does VicRoads want to look at the bike when they send it for a rwc and then a VIV. It so stupid :(
    Sorry just venting
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  6. Anything unregistered vic roads always checks the numbers on the bike in person.... All thou that's what they also do at the viv inspection so why do it twice.

    VicRoads know how to rip you off the pricks they just want as much cash from you as they can.
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  7. You also forgot stamp duty on top of all that.
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  8. dont you need the rwc before you take it for the viv?
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    no you can't get rwc before viv!

    The viv is the hurdle here once you got the viv certificate you have completed the hardest task!
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    don't forget to add the final insult...

    If the bike has plates ( ie a number plate from its last registration ) you won't be allowed to reuse that.
    Instead you will have to pay the 'new plate' fee and get a new registration plate.

    Talk about waste and stupidity, not to mention the annoyance of not being able to keep the registration number the bike was ORIGINALLY issued
    ( unless you want to shell out the over $400 because its now a 'personalised plate' )

    BTW a story I was told.....
    In Victoria number plates used to be made in prison workshops. A few years ago a whole range of number plates were replaced because of fading.
    "Apparently" the prisoners were pissing in the paint and that cause the fading.
    Now the plates are made by a private (profit motivated) company, and hence the change of policy not to allow the reuse of existing plate, to ensure the company adequate business ( ie profits )