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Vista Throttle Locks....

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Randall, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. For me this one is better but they do the same job.

    It's been on the bike over six years. Not as good as proper cruise control but it's a plus once I leave town. I just set it at about 95/100 kph and let the bike do it's thing. Speed will vary depending on the lay of the land. Since you're not continually adjusting your throttle you do get a little improvement on fuel usage.
  2. I have had a Vista throttle lock on my bikes for 15 years. Brilliant, wouldn't be without it.
  3. I use this if I have to do long freeway for a transit (which is the only place I get cramps). Cheaper and simpler.


    I don't like any cruise control on back roads.
  4. I can't get my vista to work with heated grips.

    But then on the 9R when I had standard grips, I could never find a throttle lock position that would maintain 100km/h. Acellerating or decellerating sure, 120km/h sure... it seems that the aero's are such that once moving you don't need much of a throttle opening to hold 100km/h, but you do for 120km/h...

    I now use a throttle rocker, but they aren't without risk.

    ...now where was that story...

    Circa 2006 - here it is:

  5. I've tried the throttle rockers, and wasn't a fan. I found they got in the way.
  6. Don't think I could bring myself to use a throttle lock. **Especially after reading your earlier post Rob - sheeesh fella....

    For long slabs I either try to "play up a bit" to keep myself and body loose and alert.
    I have been known to slump over the tank and use the left hand......Sorry guys - poor form I know.
  7. I've got cornering with the throttle rocker sorted now - but I still roll it out of the way at the first hint of sweepers.

    Yeh, it was an "interesting" moment in my riding career. Every time I go down that road, I think about it and shrug, I simply can't see how the hell it happened.
  8. Thanks for the feedback guys, appreciate that. Ive order the vista and hopefully All will be OK. I was mainly getting one installed just for the open motorway or highway. My throttle hand gets pins and needles holding the same position. I am hoping the vistas will see that as a thing of the past.
  9. throttle lock won't cause the issue Rob had. Once of those throttle rockers will.
  10. I have used a rocker for a few years,you get used to them.One of the Queenslanders coming down for The Barry Sheene had a fall and broke his wrist,blamed The Rocker.I could see it happening if your not used to them so take care.I also had a Visa and liked it a lot.The Universal in my case took some fiddling to fit,it needed a stack of washers on the mount to get clearance.
  11. Yeah throttle rockers are a bit dangerous, why I wouldn't use it off the freeway. I put mine right to the outside of the grip so that I can use the rest of the grip freely.

    With the locks, I remember when I was riding with the Goldwing even the electronic cruise control was too much on some twisties because by the time that you got into the corner and realised that you were going too fast it was too late. Makes you lazy. I would have thought that the locks would be similar as well.
  12. Not that i'm a tight bugger or anything..............

    There's a couple more vids around using more industrial size cable ties as well.
  13. Long interstate trips on My Bonnie, I had a screw under the twist grip, Set it, Sit back in my high rise seat, and enjoy the ride,
    Loved it,

    But I was under the impression that throttle locks were illegal in Victoria,
  14. Simply hitting the kill switch would have prevented Rob's wild ride. It is what it is designed for.

    Edit: I realise that no one is perfect and it is not a criticism, just that it is not really a reason not to do something.
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  15. At which point in the process would you have gone for the kill switch?

  16. When you realised your speed was nuts?

    I remember my throttle stuck wide open once going into a roundabout (not using a rocker, just broken), hitting the kill bought the bike back under control.

    Look I wasn't criticising you, you survived that is the main thing, but there is a device to avoid the situation that you are stating so I wouldn't be not using a rocker because of it. If you had the situation again, you probably would hit the kill next time.

    I do agree that the rocker removes fine control (why I wouldn't use it on the twisties) but it shouldn't lead to out of control situations.
  17. So what happens if the engine dies while you a moving?
  18. I don't think I'd hit the kill switch even if fully alert - unless the throttle went WOT and got stuck WOT. The bike surged every time I pushed right so the throttle wasnt stuck. I hadn't accounted for the palm rocker in my steering push.

    I do these days.