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Vista Cruise throttle lock experiences

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by robsalvv, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. Just installed a Vista Cruise throttle lock to the 9R.

    I'm not entirely impressed.

    For one it needs a lot of pre-load tension to ensure that it grips solidly when locked on, and the preload interferes with normal throttle use.

    Second thing is that at highway cruising speed, I only need to have the throttle barely cracked open... which is the least controllable point in the throttle's range - especially because the vista has a small bit of play - so the throttle rolls off a frag.

    Any other experiences?
  2. That's a pain - it's the main reason I'd look at one of those wrist-rest style tabs that poke out from the throttle lever instead, they look like a much simpler and less intrusive way of getting the job done.
  3. Loz, yep, I got one of them throttle rockers. $7 at Redwing.

    It definitely takes a load off...

    ... just wanted the hands free experience from time to time... oh well...
  4. I have had Vista cruise throttle locks and have always had to modify the mounting arm heaps to make it work better. I have cut down the collar where it holds the throttle grip so that it takes up less room, I also reverse the flip liver so that I can disengage it easier! Lots of muckin about.... so this time I bought a Brakeaway version of the


    throttle lock from America and it is so much more superior than the others. I know it is quite a bit more expensive but the level of build finish and workmanship is bleedin fantastic.. :grin: It really looks part of the bike and has the added benefit of being disengaged by either pushing a small button or pulling on the front brake lever ever so slightly.
  5. But why would you need both hands free?

    ...Wait, don't answer that. :LOL:
  6. I'm gonna answer that... for blowing 2 handed kisses at the odd car or three after they failed to see you!! :p
  7. LMAO @ Loz

    Thanks for the tips Macka. The brakeaway does look like a ripper.

  8. Had two .. VFR and VTR .. absolutely love em. No problems at all like you've had - works perfectly fine. They come in different size .. did you get the correct size?
  9. Yep Mouth, it fits on the grip fine and fits on the handlebar with no slack.

    The slight slack I mentioned comes from the support arm which deflects just a frag when locked. I don't want to tighten the mounting bolt any further though so as to avoid stripping the thread.

  10. I've got on on the Yamaha Diversion 900, one of the screws fell out (despite a lock washer) and now it doesn't work. Even when it was working it made the throttle movement stiffer and slower to return (although that didn't interfere with normal riding).

    I've also got one on the Moto Guzzi LeMans, it works much better on the LeMans than on the Diversion, the throttle returns quicker and I never have to fiddle with it.

    The difference I suspect is that the Diversion has very light throttle return springs and the Guzzi has quite heavy throttle return springs. I reckon the ones on the Yammy are light enough that any extra drag is enough to cause the throttle not to 'snap' back.