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VISTA bypassed!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Apr 3, 2009.

  1. The NSW Department of Education announced yesterday that it will implement Windows 7.0 on all desktop computers starting in the second half of this year. Windows 7.0 is supposed to be going to be released to the public 'before Christmas' so my guess is that bigger customers will be getting it even sooner.

    But worse for Microsoft, who have poured millions into VISTA, this is a signal that many big corporates and departments are going straight past VISTA to the next OS, making VISTA the Me of the noughties.

    Having had a play with 7.0, I think it is pretty good. It definitely takes up more disc space than a standard install of XP-Pro, but then with HDD prices at lowest-ever level, who cares? And it definitely starts up and closes down far quicker than XP.

    Back to the other machine for more research (read, playing Mahhjong, that ships as one of 7.0's games, YAY!!)
  2. im surprised they wont wait the necessary 3 or so years for the bugs to get wrinkled out.
  3. Does it come pre-installed with firefox?
  4. OS/2 Warp came with Mahhjong - 15 years ago...

    I miss OS/2 :-(
  5. Bad command or file name
  6. Virus'
  7. The beta version that's been in testing for the last few months is pretty much code complete and they have found bugger all bugs really. The Release Candidate is almost ready.
  8. Indeed. Of all Microsoft's releases, this one will come closest to release on promised date, the beta is a very 'finished' product.

    Firefox? Um, no :LOL:.

    The NSW DET were very careful when they upgraded to XP from Windows 2000, and have not yet upgraded from Office 2003 to Office 2007, and are showing no signs of doing so. Fortunately recent hardware implementations have been of a reasonable spec in terms of RAM especially, and Windows 7.0 should not pose a problem on any T4L machine delivered in the last 2 years.
  9. I'm using the beta at home, its incredibly fast, stable, booted up and found 95% of my existing drivers/devices including a raid instantly, downloaded software suite for my printer on its own........

    It's just awesome.
  10. Its more the systems developed. Most dept's use verrrrry ageing applications, that simply wont work with anything but (for example) access 97 etc.
  11. It's odd how DEECD has done things differently here in VIC, the NSW tact seems far more sensible IMO. I mean we just finished rolling out Lenovo R61's with Vista Enterprise and have had a copy of Office Enterprise 07 since August last year, and last years R61 roll-out gave us the option for a Vista or XP image. With all the mixed messages of Vista I just kept my machines (of last year) on XP and manually added Office 07. The newer ones with Vista still needed updates ffs from MS UD and I have let both my school principles know that the first wiff of rebellion from their staff i'm reverting them to XP until 7 gets the nod. be nice to know your "in the field" experiences Hornet when they happen ta bloke ;)
  12. Windows 7 is basically an improved Vista. Think of it as Vista with a well needed service pack. I've been using Vista for a few months, both version 7000 and 7048. It definitely is 'miles faster' than Vista. This is really noticeable on lower power PCs and/or older hardware. My EEEPC laptop with Windows 7 is pretty much just as snappy as my 4ghz E8400 4GB main desktop.

    The same lappy (well, netbook) is dog slow with Vista installed, runs sweet with Windows 7. Good on any 'department' that is implementing Windows 7 ASAP, it's a smart decision :)
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  14. Well, that's one great feature just there. I think I'll leave it a few months before I bother looking at it. I'm still finding that XP fulfills all the desktops requirements reliably when we cannot use OSS.
  15. My gf's brother recently installed v 7.0 on his compy, seemed very nice though he couldn't find many drivers so he put xp back on.

    I'd be keen to chuck 7.0 on my PC at home, but it would run like a dog ;<

    Think I'll get everything done I need on the bike then work towards a new compy!
  16. You can always do dual boot, like I have. Only things that dont run in 7 so far are the somewhat complex things, like nero and daemon tools. (Well, my version of nero doesnt, nero 9 works) etc.

    Overall, for a beta it's impressive.
  17. Strange, I installed 7.0 on a new AMD DualCore and it found every single driver without fail. (I had to install my printer manually, but I expected that anyway.)

    I just did a 'turn on to log-in screen' comparison between my normal machine and the AMD, admittedly they are different in nearly every respect, but the 7.0 machine with 2gb of RAM booted to log-in 30% quicker than the INTEL with 4gb and XP....

    Tropical fish fanciers, incidentally, will be delighted by the default splash screen of a beautiful Siamese fighting fish :LOL:.
  18. +1

    I've been using it for about 3 - 4 months, and I've only ran into two bugs. First was pagefile not working properly (turned out I had to give read, write & modify permissions to the root of the drive, bu tonly that particular drive. Go figure.) Second was to do with 7.1 surround, where the sound would only come out of one plug, but that was fixed with a patch 2 weeks later.

    You can also uninstall it on XP, but doing so can mess with a fair few things. Haven't tried it on 7.0.

    All I have to say is that you don't need 7.0 specific drivers ... you just use Vista drivers ...

    Chances are it won't run like a dog. Have you seen the minimum & recommended requirements? It's sweet bugger all. I think min is something like 500Mhz CPU, 128MB RAM. Or something like that. Just disable some of the visual effects once it's installed and you'll be good to go.
  19. I'm not a big Windows user/admin, have been admin'ing *nix machines (most of it professionally/corporate environment time wise) for almost 20 years so I can't say I know this off by heart but are you sure you can actually remove IE completely, especially as easy as a click of a box like Windows 7?

    Just did a quick look from the link I gave and saw the following fromhttp://pcsupport.about.com/od/browsers/f/removeiexp.htm:

    "Question: "How Do I Remove Internet Explorer From Windows XP?"

    There are all kinds of reasons to want to remove Internet Explorer from your Windows XP PC. Alternative browsers are sometimes faster, provide better security and contain great features that Internet Explorer users only dream of.
    Answer: Unfortunately, there is no safe method to remove Internet Explorer from Windows XP. "

    Internet Explorer is more than just a browser. It works as an underlying technology behind a number of internal Windows XP processes including updating, basic Windows functionality and more.

    There are methods outlined on some other websites that appear to fully remove Internet Explorer and provide workarounds for the problems that removing it causes, but I don't recommend them. In my experience, removing IE causes too many problems to be worth it, even with the workarounds.

    As I said, I don't _KNOW_ and don't have time to check but from the stuff I saw about IE and Windows 7 regarding the removal thing, it seemed to be somewhat of a big thing so I am a little intrigued just purely for curiosity sake. I always thought it might be a big stuff around to do a complete removal of IE just due to the things MS have said how it became integral to the OS pretty much in the past (XP onwards?) Not arguing, just asking as learning stuff is never really a bad thing and as said, don't have time to do further research atm, I'm gone! So sorry for bad grammar or whatnot, don't have time to proofcheck!
  20. Minimum specs are stated at 1gb of RAM, but when I tried to install it, just for fun, on a laptop with only 256mb, it came back and said it needed at least 512mb to install.

    But really, with RAM so cheap these days, and hard discs, I'd give it a go and see if it worked.....