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  1. Tint Black

  2. Tint Silver (Mirror)

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  3. Tint Red

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  4. Tint Blue

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  5. Tint Yellow

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  1. I have a Shark RSR2 helmet and before that Shark RSR.

    With my RSR Helmet, my tinted Black visor has lasted 2 years without any annoying scratches across the visor.

    My RSR2, which I have had for all of 2-3 months with a Tint Mirrored Silver has picked up a nasty scratch (and I have no idea how.....)

    So my Question for today is, are certain visors more prone to scratching than others.....$70 is kinda annoying to replace.

    I am now thinking of sticking with old trusty Black Tint (because I do not want to keep replacing visors when I ride everyday)
  2. Irridium visors do scratch easier, and you can't polish small scratches out of them with toothpaste like you can the ordinary tinted ones.
  3. I wear goggles, I assume that counts....

    But where is the "clear" option?

  4. I use an irridium visor, it's dark enough to stop any sun glare but from the inside you can see through it easily enough to wear it at night.

    Only got 1 real scratch on it from when a rock scraped it :(
  5. x2
    I have scratches on mine from where it fell off the tank :( and some of the irridium bits flaked off or something the first time i cleaned it :? I only used water the first time so not sure why.
  6. I have a completely unscratched blue irridium, but boy is it hard work keeping it that way.
  7. Blue irridium for me.. Do have tinted visors but i can actually wear the irridium visor at night without to much trouble..
  8. I don't have any coloured visor but thinking of getting one.
  9. Oops, forgot to add Clear Visor for the poll.
    However, I am sure I added OTHER as an option but maybe it only lets you list a certain amount.

    Thanks for the replies.
    I am going back to old faithful Black.

    And I never knew you could clean a visor with toothpaste!!
  10. Tint black on the VR-2 - which is shit, btw. Visor clips keep breaking! VR-1 seems to be a better helmet that the VR-2, even if it doesn't look as pretty.
  11. Thanks Black Betty, I clicked on the link and read all of the posts.
    I did do a search figuring someone had already posted this issue, however, it came up empty (well I did not have time to go through the 15 pages with my search result)
  12. So would people who give advice about Visors be called AdVisors :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    I guess they would have to have a clear perspective.... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    The question is....If they were looking through rose coloured glasses what colour tint would they advise to use.... :LOL:
  13. Theres always at least one comedian.

    I use clear most of the time.
    But for summer im going to use my irridium
    cause it looks hot
  14. god that was so bad I think it gave me cancer... :LOL:
  15. Is that a VR-2 MkI, or MKII? The difference is obvious from the top vents, the MKI has 2 'stick-on' vents running from front to back, the MKII has 2 intakes on the front at the top, and 2 exits at the top back. There were several issues with the MKI, including the top vents falling off, the MKII is a completely new design, I have one and am very pleased with it.