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Visors up or down?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by trinny, Dec 31, 2008.

  1. Just curious about how many people ride with their helmet visors up or down, personally i like to ride with my visor up cause it gets too hot down and only put it down when there is lots of stuff flying through the air.

    Also, other than getting distracted with stuff hitting your face is it anymore dangerous to have the visor up if you come off?
  2. How can you ride with out the visor down, don't your eyes sting from the wind or are you wearing sunglasses underneath?

    If you come off it would be safer with the visor down as it is another layer of protection between the object and your face.
  3. Only time I have the visor up is when stopped to let some air in. Otherwise it is down or just cracked enough to stop the visor from fogging. I wear glasses underneath as well but you'd be amazed how often stuff still gets into my eyes with the visor only slightly cracked. An ex-netrider apparently got a little bit of grit in his eye from riding with his visor open and it got infected and he had a lot of trouble with it. So while a very small risk, you can get a nasty outcome with the visor up.
  4. I need to wear glasses so its either sunnies or specs under the helmet. I didnt think about how my glasses would be shielding my eyes from all that direct air hitting my eyes... so i guess most people would have their visors down hey...
  5. i ride visor down, I open it at the lights or just a crack when it's fogging up, but generally down all the time, maybe mine just ventilates well, may all depend on the helmet type as to whether people ride vsor up or down
  6. Up with sunglasses, down when it rains! Otherwise it just blocks out too much of the sweet noise :grin:
  7. Mine's down most of the time ...

    .. my Visor that is :LOL:
  8. Open with sunnies or specs on underneath at low speeds around the suburbs and so on, closed at higher speeds or if there are lots of bugs or stones or whatever. As someone said above, lets in the growling...
  9. Errr, left glove?
  10. Enjoy riding with the visor up :) but the whistling sound rushing through the visor distracts me, so have no option but to pull down the visor
  11. After having a dragon fly entre my helmet with visor up at 40kays I always have it down. Pulled my helmet off last week and there was a wasp stuck in the ventilation opening. :shock: If my visor was up and it had of got in, the fukr would have gone nuts!

    I also just started wearing specs and with the cost of the prescriptions I don't want them sandblasted.
  12. Both I have specs.

  13. if it's hot with the visor down, open a vent? :?
  14. But do you ride with your left glove up or down? :p :LOL:
  15. Putting around at 60, visor up. Anything else is visor down, even with sunnies on, those guided missiles (bugs) hurt
  16. Perhaps up if you want it up and down if you want it down. It doesn't matter if netrider doesn't have a definitive answer, it's ok to make your own decisions. :)

    While we're here though, Left or right???? What side should my penis hang to?? Does penis position effect the bike's cornering capability or is that simply a tesiticle size issue? :?
  17. Seany, it's best to detatch the filthy thing, and leave it at home, in the Freezer. That way, it will be in the same condition when you get home, and it can't get caught in your visor, spoiling your vision.
  18. visor up /down

    I ride visor down with over about 60 kmh but with sunnnies on under clear visor. Need the ventilation at low speed. :cool:
  19. on another forum they put up
    Phillip Island - Left
    Broadford - Right
    Winton - Right
    Eastern Creek - Left
    Mount Gambier - Right
    Mallala - Right
    Symnonds Plains - Left
    does that help?