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Visors/coatings for night riding?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by TheYak, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. I wear a full face Shark helmet, and find that I get a fair bit of 'starring' and reflections bouncing around in the visor (think lenses) when facing bright light. The result is that oncoming cars make it much harder to see than when caging, or without the visor. Do visors or coatings that limit this exist, or am I just going to have to harden up? :LOL:

    Thanky! :)

  2. clean your visor mate :wink:

    is it a clear visor or an iridium or tinted?
  3. Hehe, it's clean, that was my first thought, but it has been this way since new :? It's just the standard clear one that comes with the Shark RSF.
  4. hmmmmm...... Try getting a tinted/iridum visor for daytime use? I know the iridiums for shark are bloody good... try one in the shop and bring a torch to shine in your eyes to see if there's reflections on that...

    or try on another shark RSF in the shop and again, bring a torch, you might have a bum visor...
  5. Cheers mate, might be an idea to mention it at the shop and see what they say...this is for nighttime riding, so anything tinted is out, and the visor is great during the day :)
  6. nothing wrong with tinted visors at night :oops:
  7. :rofl: i know... i swear the northmeade - Randwick at 10:30 at night with a tinted visor wasnt my smartest idea
  8. I think there is a tinted yellow for that model. Might be worth looking at?
  9. What are you cleaning it with? That could be causing the problem, leaving a film on the visor.
  10. Thanks for the suggestions :)

    It's been like that since new, so I doubt it's the way I clean it (highly diluted dish washing liquid in warm water). I might have to borrow a different helmet to see if it's just a universal issue I have to get used to :? It's not that severe, but it's worse than through a windscreen or tinted windows for example, and definitely affects visibility enough to notice. Nobody else gets this?
  11. Do you wear glasses as well?

    I have the problem, caused by my glasses and the light having to refract twice! If so, get contacts. Makes putting your helmet on easier as well...
  12. I wear polorising sunnies and clean my visor with Armorall class cleaner wipes. (HJC Session and standard visor)
  13. What exactly is an irridium visor?

    Can you get visors like those specs that change tint in different light?
  14. hm i get no reflection on my shoei. it's easy to clean too. just wipe clean with wet cloth/micro fibre cloth if not at home.
  15. iridium = metallic finish
  16. Well well :grin: Back from a decent fang around the 'burbs (God I LOVE riding!), and all I can say is, not as much of a problem tonight :shock: Maybe very slight fogging/surface moisture from a difference in ambient temperature before? I don't get visible fogging at all as I crack the visor open a smidgen, and while it (the reflection/starring) was still there, definitely less noticeable...so I'm stumped but fairly pleased :LOL: More whinging to follow, hehe :)

    I don't wear glasses, and my night vision is generally very good (tends to be better than people I'm out with anyway). Might still try different helmets to compare :?