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visors and windex

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by pete777, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. hey does any body know if its ok to clean a visor with windex, i dont wanna bust out the cash for those lens cleaners...

  2. windex will work but it's more labour intensive.
    Bust out the cash for a lens cleaner.

  3. What he said. Once you try Plexus, you'll never go back :)
  4. Mr Sheen is good for this.
  5. Plexus FTW!!
  6. There, fixed it for ya.
  7. Thanx roarin.
  8. Brand name Windex is fine but you need to use a lint free cloth.
    I use it all the time. I once tried the Coles brand that sounded as good on the bottle but no matter how hard I buffed I could see streaks.
    Back to Windex for me although I have used Mr Sheen too.
  9. Soap and water is still doing great for me, iridium visor and all.

    I stuffed a visor using Windex because of the ammonia in it.

    Water and dish soap works great for me.
  11. i don't even use those nasty chemical on mine.

    all i use is straight water and clean it with tissue and cleans like no tomorrow!

    well that's for my visors anyway..
  12. I just use running water and a microfibre cloth, well 2 of them, one to wipe when wet and one to dry.

    No streaks

    Just remember deep sink or bath to avoid sratching.
  13. thnx people lots of good ideas, i think ill try mild soap and water!!
  14. If it's a new helmet it would normally have a little booklet with instruction about cleaning. If you still have it check that out.
  15. dishwashing liquid and hot water.....can get it anywhere..... or mr sheen or plexus or whatever the bloke next to me has at stop/refuel point :LOL: :wink:
  16. Plexus FTW.

    VuPlex is apparently the Aussie equivalent and is quite good.

    Before Plexus I used Mr Sheen. I still use Mr Sheen on my wheels...
  17. I've got both the Plexus and the Vuplex and I reckon the Plexus is a fair bit better..whatever you decide to use get yourself a microfibre cloth peope use to buff wax/polish off cars with...works a treat :grin:
  18. spent 450 on a shoei tzr and it only come with a bag, no booklet. good price but it was off the shelf, last of what the shop had. helmet warehouse in yagoona.
  19. I just spit on it, and rub my visor on my trousers/draggins. Product is for metro's.
  20. I take mine off (shark helmet) and wash it in the sink with dishwashing liquid and dry with a towel, no streaks and gets the bug splatter off great.