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Visors and rain droplet run-off

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Kooka, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. Can anyone suggest a product that I can apply to my visor to aid in the the run-off of water/rain droplets?
    I know there is a product 'Rain -X' (I belive) that is suited to the application on car windscreens however is not recommented on plastics.
    Currently I have two visors clear plastic and a tinted visor (great for those crazy rider days).
    I'm sure there would be an easy remedy maybe a household product??, However I do not want to do the trial and error method, thus risking the damage to my visors.
    I have already applied the film on the inside for the fog reduction (highly recommended too), but would like to remedy the water droplet accumulation.
    Thanks for your assistance.

  2. Once you get up to a fast enough speed those droplets just go whizzing off :grin:.

    I would be interested in a solution too. Never felt that the water on the visor really restricted my vision, but any improvement would be welcome.
  3. Go the Rain X !

    I've been using it for years and NEVER had a problem, in fact it works frigging great :twisted:
    To clear any annouying drops that dont want to move ( light drizzle )
    all you need to do is tilt your head so the slipstream changes and any stubbern water just blows off :)

    :cool: :wink:
  4. Any build-up of road grime will aid in the rain sticking to the plastic, also scratches create water tension. Little spritzer cans of glass cleaner are available for cleaning reading glasses, and are a good size for stashing under the seat. great for longer rides. Scheff.
  5. It aint rocket science and may sound stoooopid, 8-[ but if I have those stubborn drops that just wont move, at speed, I just turn your my head to the left,then right,and most of the chunky drops will blow off.
  6. Rain X is awesome.

    Just gotta remember that it doesnt last for ever and it does go off. I had a bottle for years and after a while it just doesnt work :(

    You should find this out prior to doing the icicle ride :grin:
  7. I have a new lid, an AGV. Its visor, I discovered tonight and this morning in heavy rain, likes water to cling to it like shit to a blanket. This applies to both the inside and outside.

    The damn thing leaks! Looks like I'll have to revert to my older lid (an AGV X-Vent) for the colder/wet weather. Its visor has a Fog City liner which works like a beauty.

    As for the theory about water being "flicked off" by the wind as you turn your head sideways, that's fine for a brand new visor that's virginal, clean, shiny and in a light shower...

    Many, many, many, many moons ago, I used to use La Parissiene perspex polish that did a good job of dealing with light scratches and to help keep the water off the visor. It was this green colored gunk. I haven't seen it since the 80s (hence why it's many, many, many, many moons ago). I don't know if there's anything equivalent these days. But perhaps it's not an oft called for product, as visor materials seem to have improved a lot since then.
  8. I use Mr sheen and find the water beads well and runs off nicely. :)
  9. I agree - Mr Sheen works for me too
  10. What does Barry think about that?
  11. I've used rain X but found it wasn't effective.
    In the rain I rarely get fast enough for the water to fly off like it does with car windscreens.

    60k limits (-5-10k for wet roads) and too many freaken street lights lake my visor light up like crazy :mad:
  12. rainex #1
  13. rainex or mr sheene.
  14. Rain X here as well.... can't say i think Mr Sheen is a good idea... its an oily product and you could end up with smears etc and even worse vision in the wet.
  15. I just keep mine clean and use a plastic polish for any scratches. Never worried about rain-x etc as most of my wet riding is at highway speeds on country roads so don't have to worry about street lights etc. I've always found turning the head at 100km/h works well.

    Can you still get the gloves with the chamois leather type stuff on the index fingers? I recently bought new gloves and couldn't find any that had. I found it was great for wiping the gunk off in the rain.
  16. You can! In fact, I bought a pair (Dririder, leather gloves). Very handy for that spin I took over Mt Glorious a few weeks ago, which ended up with a ride through the clouds.....

    *mutter* stupid fog *mutter*