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Visor up - What have you caught?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Rolkus, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. As I am yet to get my license (3days) - I am curious what people get hit in the face with while riding with the visor up...

    Is it mostly bugs? Are there heaps? Should I ride with my mouth closed?


  2. seriously you ask ride with your mouth open??????
    I've been stung in the eye by a bee.
    hit in the face by swarms of thrips
    smacked a fly at speed. some sting some irritate the bee fuggin hurt,
    So I'll ask you will you ride with your mouth open?
  3. not only do u get hit in the face, they get stuck in your helmet and keep buzzing
  4. I got smacked in the face by a bird the other day........nearly. If it wasn't for the visor I'd be sporting a broken nose & a couple of black eyes.

    Dumb bird.
  5. A big-arse moth, a large spider that was hanging from a web across my driveway (and crawled into my ear), locusts, bees, rocks, and numerous unidentified objects.

    Country roads are not the place for an open helmet, although that said I have also had the odd bug come up past my chin and inside my helmet even though the visor's been closed.
  6. Gumnuts, small stones, bugs, twigs, fumes etc.
  7. ewww ewww ewww ewwww and more ewwwwwww!!!!!!!
  8. And have you caught something from that?8-[
  9. Interesting lowercase... Was it detached and flying around on it's own? Or was there a body attached?

    And Smee, I'm obviously not going to ride with my mouth open... Just the though of riding my bike puts a grin in my face, I'll try to stop smiling.
  10. there were no STD's. caught it in the face while riding with my visor up. let this be a lesson to all those that ride with their visors up - if you don't want penis in your mouth, shut your visor

    just flying around on it's own. i guess someone took "rock out with your cock out" the wrong way... or the right way... depending on how you wanna look at it ;)
  11. Next time Mrs Messy is walking around the house with her visor up, ill try. Will get back to you on this.

    Worst for me was a moth, straight under the nose so all that powdery shit went straight up my nose and i had to stop to cough and sneeze and the like.
  12. =D>
  13. Noted!
  14. :rofl:
  15. Had a dirty great huntsman crawl up the inside of the visor one day.
    Rode through a swarm of grasshoppers, they taste disgusting.

    Had a Magpie go through the fairing screen and explode into a ball of feathers when it hit my helmet a few years ago, coming back from the beach at what would have been highly illegal speeds if it had happened anywhere but the Northern territory.....

    One of the worst tho, I had a mate on the back and I suddenly hit the brakes, pulled over, ripped the gloves off, tore the helmet off. He's going Watsup?/ whats the matter.
    Something had crawled into my ear..
    Turned out to be a bit of wax..
  16. hahahaha bravo! :rofl: =D>
  17. hahaha can just imagine your mate's reaction after finding out it was wax that freaked you out!
  18. Better than a floating penis. That would have worried him a bit... at first...

    There's a lesson there somewhere... Boy's when you do up the strap, put the seat down, or something...

    I've hit or been hit by all sorts of weird and wonderful sh1t, but not through an open visor.

    I caught a fruit bat once with the hail light of my taxi. Hell of a bang - half the light missing, corpse of big fat fruit bat sitting in where the light used to be ... really had bat(s) in the belfry that night. It was my nice silver service fairlane too. Didn't look quite so up-market for the rest of that shift...
  19. I guess he didn't tip either?