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Visor Suitable for Both Day & Night Riding

Discussion in 'Helmets' started by ametha elf, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. Im buying a new helmet in the next month or so, probably Shoei. The problem is that I need one visor which will suit both day and night riding (if there's such a thing). I don't want to continually take one visor off to put another one on. Currently have a clear visor and wear sunnies during the day, but in summer the glare is too strong so a tinted visor plus sunnies would work much better. I ride into work which means coming back home at night, its about a 45 minute trip one way and a lot of that is not overly well lit. So, I was wondering if a light tint visor would be ok for night riding, as have heard that only clear visors are the only ones really suitable for night.

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  2. Hi,

    For Shoei helmets you can get a pin lock insert that is photochromatic - In other words changes from clear to dark and back again.

    I currently have one fitted to my visor, as when I ride in it is dark but daylight on the way home. I have only had it about a month so cannot offer you any information about what it will be like in the hight of summer but so far I am very happy with it.

    More info can be found in this thread -


    Not cheap, about $90-$100.
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  3. I've got the Shark Vision R ametha and it's not bad. I really like how I can flip the internal visor up and down depending on how dark or light it is. Works really well during the daylight when you're in and out of shadow and it just flips out of sight when you don't need it. The helmet itself isn't bad either and at around $450 is cheaper than the Shoei.

    The other benefit is that it has removable eyeglass pieces inside so your sunglasses can fit without causing pressure on your head. Would give you more glare control as you can wear your glasses and flip down (or up) the internal visor depending on the glare.
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  4. Oh also, similar to pinlock as mentioned above, but maybe? not as good is a stick on photochromatic insert. Stops fog, goes a very slight tint when in sunlight http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/1/1/69/11231/ITEM/Fog-City-Hyper-Optiks-Visor-Inserts.aspx.. probably not enough for strong glare however. I have one on one of my visors. You need to stick it on perfectly. Was good for a while, however after nearly two years the integrity of the insert has been compromised so not so great anymore... Can't unstick them either...well you probably could but it will mess up you visor and take a long time.

    Someone mentioned the sunax http://sunax.com.au/ strip for sun glare....been looking at that now, might be a good alternative option..
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  5. Thanks for all the helpful advice. I wasn't even aware photochromatic visors existed but they sound perfect. Probably will keep away from the Shark helmet though, I have a Shark RSI which has a bad fogging problem for which I've tried just about every product under the sun, nothing works, so, don't want to repeat that little issue. Currently am using an old RXT but its gone way past its use by date and definately time for an upgrade. Will do a review on the photochromatic visor after a couple of months if that's what I end up getting. :)
  6. Love to hear your feedback on the photochromatic if you get it - I'll definitely look at something like that when I swap my helmet.

    The fogging issue on the vision r isn't too bad if I keep all the vents open. Having said that, someone told me that if your visor fogs all the time it's because you're a heavy breather [-( - I choose to believe it's entirely the fault of the visor :D
  7. Absolutely the visors fault!!! I agree. :)
  8. I use a Zeus helmet with internal sun visor which works really well. I've also used some Fuglies photochromic sunnies which work pretty well (although they are.... er, fugly).
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  9. Hey Ametha. I used to have horrible fogging issues (HJC) but have found the Shark vision R to be great! It has a lock tab that holds the visor in the 'cracked open' position and I've not had fogging issues at all! And the flip down tinted visor is great too :)

    Have fun shopping around!
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  10. Thanks for that. I had a Shark RSI which always fogged badly as soon as it went on my head and stayed that way. I changed visors, and used just about every product under the sun but nothing had any effect and I vowed to never buy another Shark. Your post has me thinking now, because it sounds perfect in both the flip down tinted visor AND the cracked open anti fogging position, so, what to do, what to do, what to do.....
  11. This may or may not help you ametha.......I went for a ride the other day, horrible fog, 1 degree temp (it was so cold....) and my visor started fogging as soon as I got going. Usually I have a problem with it fogging when I ride really slowly or I'm stopped, but this time it stayed fogged even after I'd got up to 100ks. As I'm riding along I noticed that I had a golf ball sized window of vision on the left of the visor. So I turned my head to the right so I could see out of this small hole (I looked ridiculous - but at least I could see the bike lights in front of me through the fog, too dangerous to pull over - country road, heavy fog).

    Anyway, when I stopped for fuel I noticed that only one of the top head vents was open and it was the left one. The lack of fogging on that side made sense then. Made a mental note to check all vents before I ride next time.

    I'm not trying to talk you into the Shark as I really don't think it's the best helmet out there, but I think it's quite versatile. I'm with you in that I would look at the Shoei's (and the Arai's) if I could get a visor like the photochromatic one that Jem's got, but if I was spending nearly a grand I would want it to be significantly better than what I've got.

    Good luck with your search. I found buying helmets really frustrating and it helps to go armed with all the info you can get. Cheers.
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  12. To beat fog, just make sure you get something that has pinlock inserts. Absolutely zero fogging at all ever on my Shoei with pinlock.
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  13. #14 Ausfox, Jun 20, 2012
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    Does this video ring true or does it work better than this guy shows?


    Just found this aswell.


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  14. Hi Ausfox,

    IMO it works better than this guy shows. I have had it about 6 weeks now and very happy so far. That said it is winter at the moment so the sun is not that bright and most of my riding is too and from work.

    If there is some sun this weekend I will take my visor of my helmet and put it outside with my dark visor and take some pics.

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  15. Thanks Jem for taking the time to review this.

    Will look forward to the results.