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Visor stickers/decals?

Discussion in 'Helmets' at netrider.net.au started by Fa1c0n, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. Dunno if these exist. Would be cool if they do

    But a sticker or decal for the top inch or 2 of your visor with a brand name or something. like they have on car windscreens?


    Anyone know?
  2. I think having a sticker there may just be annoying but any waterproof decal should work fine.

    Ages ago I got someone I found on ebay to make me some with designs I sent to them and put them on my surf board. They stuck just fine and cost about $20 for about two A4's worth of them.

    Although if you're thinking you want them pre sized for you to fit the curve of helmets...might get trickier.
  3. mmm. true. i got a mate who prints on waterproof plastic then laminates it. and has sticky on the back...

    Hes pretty clever and a Graphic designer i might see if he can sort something out to fit the curve.

    The other thing is he has an electric die-cutter. So he could cut letters out for me and i could just put the individual leter across. i did that on my old pushbike and that worked good
  4. I love your avatar pic btw!
  5. I wouldn't use them at all I don't think. Having something sitting just inside my field of vision, would be annoying/distracting.

    No thanks, not for me.
  6. If you had the letters on top of a black "sun strip" it'd be ok. Just a smaller vertical field of view.
  7. Plenty of bike mags used to give them away with their website address.
    They're not inside your line of vision as the part of the visor is in front of the helmet itself!
  8. The guys that run 60 degrees made up these stickers for their helmet visors.

    I know they have all the stuff there to make the stickers - not sure how much they charge though (you can get ones that say 60 degrees for free! :p)
  9. I just had a good look at my helmet - never really paid that much notice before but I do stand corrected. There is at least 10mm where the visor overlaps the helmet which a sticker could sit. :)