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Visor standards

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by GoTeam, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. Are genuine (as in it has the same name as the brand of the helmet) tinted replacement visors supposed to have an AS sticker on them?

  2. All visors are supposed to, but rarely do.

    FWIW, the Australian Standard for visors permits a maximum of 50% tint. If you've got a stack of photography gels handy (think: calibrated cellophane), you'll realise that 50% really isn't much tint at all.

    I'd say 99.99% of police are okay with the 'opaque black' tinted visors, though, provided they're not used in dim/dark conditions.
  3. Keep in mind to that under the AS it's not a requirement that a visor be able to block UV light - and that this is in no way linked to the tint.
    It's quite possible to get clear visors offering full UV protection, and dark-tinted visors offering nothing except a slight reduction in glare (though it's the UV that makes your eyes feel "tired" on long rides more than the glare).
    Far better to get a lighter tint with UV protection than a darker tint without - assuming of course you're not just buying it for appearance.
  4. Whilst on the topic, do the irridium visors offer better UV protection than just a standard tinted visor. I hate wearing sunglasses, but still want to protect my eyes.
  5. Not necessarily. If you want to be sure if a visor offers UV protection you need to check the manufacturers specifications.
    It is quite possible to block 99.something% of all UV with clear - just not all visors do (even though it is a mandatory requirement for all safety glasses).
  6. Where can you buy tinted visors from? Do most bike shops sell them? Anyone have any links online where I can check out various tinted visors? Cheers.

    Ok, n00b question. I have found the visors to suit my helmet online at teammoto, what is the difference between a dark tint and blue/gold iridium? I know a dark tint looks black and the others are coloured, what apart from that what difference does it make to vision/visibility etc? Or is it just a preferred look thing?
  7. If they sell helmets theres a very good chance they sell visors aswell. They usually carry the visors for the brands of helmets they sell there, but they should be able to order in one if they don't stock yours.

    I have a Shoei XR1000 with both dark tint and silver iridium visors. Both are pretty good, the iridium seems to cut down on glare more than the tinted one and it's better at dusk. People say iridiums scratch easier, but I haven't noticed any on mine. Also the iridium is a mirror finish, so you can fix your helmet hair :LOL:

    Also make sure they offer UV protection to save your eyes!
  8. Thanks jp86. I'm a lazy bugger so ordered a dark tint visor online from teammoto. I have a black helmet so thought the dark tint would look good, and I'm concerned about the scratchability of the iridiums after a bit of reading on here.