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Visor rain repellent

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by shazza87, Jun 13, 2015.

  1. Just wondering any advice for repelling rain from my visor.

  2. Keep you speed above 90kph in the wet, easy.
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  3. Still affects visibility
  4. rainx for plastic ive seen the glass version and it works great
    also a clean visor helps
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  5. Not fast enough then.
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  6. G'day shazza87shazza87. I use a product called Raincoat which is specifically designed to disperse water from helmet visors, windscreens and the like. It does a reasonably good job of preventing build-up of water droplets on my visor - say, more than 50% better than without. I also find that slightly turning my head from side to side (at highway speed) helps move droplets off the visor.
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  7. wher do you get these product from
  8. I haven't been able to find it from an Australian supplier. I bought mine direct from the Moto Solutions website. I think it is also available from eBay sellers.
  9. I use cat crap. Seriously called that. You can buy from any bike shop like MCA , bikegbiz etc. probably sell it at supercheap autos as well.
    Seems to work pretty well for a while.
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    I've been using CatCrap on the inside of my visor to help prevent fogging too. For some reason or other I've only had so-so performance with it; maybe I'm not applying enough or as often as I need to. I'm going to try Fogtech (also made by Moto Solutions - you'll think I have stock options in the company!) and see how that goes...ultimately I need to buy a helmet with a pinlock-compatible visor.
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  11. Yes everyone keeps saying pinlock pinlock pinlock.
    I have spent a very tidy 4 figure sum on bike bits recently so pinlock visor fir my shoei may have to wait as a bit exxy and the smoke off the amex keeps setting off the smoke alarms at home :p
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  12. Pinlok for fogging, but dunno about rain repellant.

    I had trouble with water getting on the inside of the visor last time I rode in heavy rain. I guess I'll have to check how it's fitted; maybe I didn't do it properly...

    ETA the visor, not the pinlok.
  13. I use Plexus, it's a plastic / perspex cleaner (some bike shops have it or also try marine shops), it helps water bead off the visor. Clean visor before a ride and during a stop if necessary on a longer ride.

    As XJ6NXJ6N mentioned, turn your head slightly from left to right will help it run off, this works from speeds of about 60k up. The only other option is to use your left hand (thumb or index finger etc) to give the visor a quick wipe.
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  14. I use a good polish (Meguirs) on the outside and rain beads up and blows off above around 60. Inside I use my own formula of dishwash detergent (lemon scented smells good too :3:3) and a little bath soap, kept in an old pill bottle, same application as cat crap WAY less cost and works better ;-)

    YES YES I am an old fart LOL
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  15. Cheers for the input guys
  16. Some gloves come with screen wipers too.. Ive found that riding in the rain, particularly into the sun, can be somewhat unpleasant and I find myself wiping my visor with my hand as I'm generally not going all that fast due to traffic slowing down as well.
  17. Ba ha ha thought it would be a joke photo but a company called bang good ( :woot: ) sells a wiper attachment for helmets for $279... Lol.
    Imagine the coppers having a pink fit when they pull you over with your sena, tinted visor, go pro and a wiper attachment...ha ha ha...
    can't load the photo but really
    Looking at it I would just have to say whhhhhhhhhy?
  18. Try googling: "Turbo Visor"

  19. here we go the helmet wiper wooohooo


    and you put this on your clutch thumb as a squeegee thingo...I might start offering to motorcyclists at lights when it's raining for a gold coin... help pay to feed the bloody greyhound :whistle:
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  20. #20 Major Dump, Jun 14, 2015
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    Here we go...


    No batteries required!!
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